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Steve and Julia Robertson Triumph By Two Seconds


18 Oct 2017

John Kiff – Memories from the long road north.

Cars were refuelled shortly after in readiness for Regularity B, a 35 mile run over the best of Exmoor, the Jogularity instructions including at one point...

18 Oct 2017

Look at that S Car Go….

Jumping out of the car after my first 2½ hours racing is a feeling I’ll never forget. Dripping wet, adrenaline pumping, completely wired. I honestly ne...

12 Oct 2017

Motorsport in the UK – OK?

A farming incident in Slovenia has triggered a ruling from the Court of Justice of the European Union which, if implemented across the EU would mean that any...

20 Sep 2017

Le Jog – Memoirs of a Gold Medal

The questions on our minds as we rolled up to that ‘tel box’ was; “how was this going to go?” Where were the catches going to be?’ We’d done l...

20 Sep 2017

Morgan a feeling? Andy Lane rocks the 1000 Mile Trial

"I fell properly in love with the idea of competing on the Royal Automobile Club 1000 Mile Trial when I happened to be present at the finish at Woodcote P...


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