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Our mission is to provide a one stop shop platform for historic motoring that is friendly, professional and delivers real value. Together with our Members and Partners, we continue to build on our past efforts with the same shared enthusiasm and passion.

The following events are now open

HERO Events

8th - 16th of June 2018

Classic Marathon - Greece

The Classic Marathon is a superb event for both driver and navigator. All roads are of good quality with only a minimum of loose surfaces on tests, navigation is straight forward with a tulip-style road book.

The toughest Classic rally in Europe

Le Jog 2017 - Now accepting entries

Now the longest running classic event in the United Kingdom! Le Jog is a test for both crew and vehicle as you battle the elements and your own limits of endurance over three and a half days.


Our Main Services


Arrive & Drive

Hire some of the finest classic cars for regularity rallying. With a premium package that will allow you to enjoy your rallying - and more - to the full.


HERO Membership

Lower cost Entry Fees (at least 10% saving)
Arrive & Drive hire discount of around 20%
Worldwide car hire of up to 35% discount
Exclusive Partner offers


Bespoke Events

Crafting Your Day

Tailor made private or
corporate classic car events

HERO is proud to be associated with some of the most prestigious classic car rallies. We also have extensive experience of organising private events, and delivering these successfully for discerning clients is every bit as satisfying.


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