How to go Classic Rallying


How to go Classic Rallying

17th February 2022

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Have you ever been inspired by an historic rally car going past, or seen a classic rally event and thought, ‘I’d love to have a go at that?’ Well this is your video guide in short order which explains each step.

People from all walks and stages of life, from the young wanting to start in the sport to a couple wanting to make more use of their historic car, are fascinated by regularity rallying and want to try and make a start. Some are hesitant as they see too many ropes to learn but this video is purposely straight forward to illustrate how easy it is to take part and just how HERO-ERA can cater for your every need.

What’s more, it is presented by a key member of HERO-ERA hospitality staff, Molly Hardingham who is not a rally competition expert but is enthusiastic about the sport and knows just how to give you the to essentials to get you started without bogging you down in details.

We look forward to dealing with your first entry or your enrolment in navigation classes. If you just want to talk it through please give us a ring.

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