How to Get Started in HERO-ERA Regularity Rallying


How to Get Started in HERO-ERA Regularity Rallying

23rd February 2021

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Have you ever looked at the stirring images of historic rallying and thought, I’d really love to have a go at that? Maybe you’ve thought it seems very expensive or that the navigation looks to be difficult, or you thought you would like to get involved as an official?

For the answers in most cases it is open to a huge range of people and pockets. It is worth watching this exciting and informative 25 minute video on how you can get started in HERO-ERA regularity rallying as key people in the sport explain just how you can begin and find the level that suits you. The video provides a mix of learning and competition experience.

HERO-ERA continue take great pride in developing newcomers from beginners to established competitors as they provide support mechanisms at every stage, including basic ‘how does the sport work’ and navigational lessons to get you started.       

Whether you are a car enthusiast, motor sport participant looking for a new discipline, or someone looking for a completely new hobby and wondering which sport or just how to get started, this video will explain it all in an entertaining way.

There is something for everybody!