HERO Challenge Two 2020 | Simon Mellings & Richard Morris


HERO Challenge Two

5th September 2020

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And now for something different…. Did they really rally that? Yes they did, experienced rally men Simon Mellings and Richard Morris went with full veneer and walnut trim into the HERO Challenge Two with their 1985 Rover 216 EFi Vanden Plas, one of only four on the country. Appearing boxy and angular, it’s sit up and beg looks belied it’s speed as the rebuilt rorty engine plus standard suspension propelled it to a fastest test time. Ex stage rally man Mellings was a bit nervous about trying to enlist the help of experienced Welsh road rally navigator Richard Morris as the last time they teamed up Simon put Richard over the edge of a ravine in Derbyshire. “I was a bit apprehensive when I called him” said Simon, but it all worked out as the pair finished 32nd out of 84 finishers and 8th in class.