1933 Singer LeMans Prototype


A Lady in Her Singer: Permanent Stitches in Time

29th January 2021

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HERO-ERA are fortunate to attract a variety of vintage and classic cars to their events, but once in a while an historic, original car with fascinating provenance enters one of their rallies.
Christopher Wilks entered his historic 1933 Singer Le Mans Prototype, with David Creech navigating, on the Novice Trial and Hero Challenge Two in 2020, preferring to thrust the car into competition rather than preserving it in a museum. For KV 5669 and it’s Brooklands heritage the car is just as happy being thrown around on the tests as it is on display.
Find out why this car is called the ‘Blue Singer’ and which famous lady racing driver of the thirties pushed the little car to its limits around Brooklands as Chris Wilks revels all on the video.
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