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How to go classic rallying - Types of Event

There are many classic rallies for you to explore, we’ll be concentrating on the ones that HERO promote as we know them best — obviously! HERO is unique in the way it grades its events, we looked at ski run codings and found they can be likened to rallies, we call it HERO Colour Coding. Green for the nursery slopes and entry level events through to black for the really demanding events that challenge the experts — we introduced this around five years ago and it has become a very popular and easy way to define the events we offer, more on this later.

You’re here as you are probably looking at entering your first event and are unsure what is involved, HERO organise and promote classic regularity rallying where competitors have to maintain a precise average speed over varying distances, topography and weather conditions; these factors are all taken into account in the grading of the event. Added to this, most of our events have driving tests which are held (in the majority) on private land and allow the crew to “stretch their vehicle’s legs” a little! These driving tests are actually designed to test the manoeuvrability and handling of the car, not just the outright speed, more about these later in the driving section.

HERO colour coding


Our entry level of event that still has elements of some of the longer, more challenging rallies. Navigation is by very straightforward tulip style diagrams with distances and time to points of reference given. The event will be held primarily on sealed surfaces, some of the driving tests may have small patches of loose surface. There will be no night driving and as these events are held late spring to late summer, inclement weather is unlikely. Events include Summer Trial, Scottish Malts and HERO Challenge - Clubman Section.


Tulip style or mixed navigation with straightforward maps, there may be driving in mountain passes or some adverse conditions which will need experience of driving in snow and at altitude. These events will be scheduled for daylight hours, however, if problems occur with your vehicle it may be necessary for you to complete the section in dusk / dark. These events are primarily Tarmac based, again, driving tests can include loose surfaces. Events include Royal Automobile Club 1000 Mile Trial, London to Lisbon Classic, Classic Marathon and Icelandic Saga, even so they are still suitable for novices.


Navigation via maps and with mixed clues for route definition, these are ‘press on’ events that take place in autumn / winter and have day and night driving in them over various terrains. They are sometimes mixed surface on both road and driving tests, there will be shorter rest halts and longer sections to test endurance of both car and crew. Inclement weather is a distinct possibility. Events include The Poppy Regularity Rally and Three Legs of Mann and RAC Rally of the Tests. These events can be tackled by newcomers, however, some experience is advisable prior to entry.


Navigation via maps with mixed clues for route definition, these events take place in winter and often have ice, snow, rain, high winds and driving through the night in these conditions. Extended periods of driving with shorter rest periods to test endurance of car and crew. There will be a variety of surfaces to test competitors and car. These are a real test and although newcomers are welcome, we would advise you to have competed on national level events prior to entering. Events - Le Jog and Winter Challenge to Monte-Carlo

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