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13 Feb 2015

Porsche 356 wins Rally of the Tests

Over the last decade, Howard Warren has become one of the most successful drivers in UK classic rallying and at the weekend he added another major event to h...

19 Dec 2014

Partnership aims to attract more tourists to town

A new tie-up has been struck between Wick and a classic car club which is hoped will lead to an increase in visitors to the town.

19 Dec 2014

HERO Classic Driving Day

Bored with your partner? Not enough work to keep you busy? No challenges for a long time, too much sleep, or just curious as to what ‘LeJog’ is all about?

20 Oct 2014

1000 Miles, 2 Waistcoats, 1 Crash

The RAC 1000 Mile Trial runs from Epsom to Edinburgh and back on some of the UK’s best driving roads, taking in regularities, tests and a concours d’él...

20 Oct 2014

The Royal Automobile Club 2014

Fifty classic cars, 100 intrepid motorists, 1,000 miles of road, seven glorious days – and 114 years of history.

24 Aug 2014

1000 Mile Trial: A participacao portuguesa

Em 1900, no intuito de promover o recém nascido automóvel, diversos fabricantes e proprietários entenderam organizar uma volta à Grã Bretanha, unindo Lo...

24 Jul 2014

Summer Trial

Summer Trial 20-22 June Warren, Tullie, Colton, Carroll and Woodcock


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