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09 Jul 2021

Classic Marathon 2021 Reaches the Finish Line

After 2000 km’s, 6 days, 36 regularities and 5 tests the Classic Marathon 2021 has come full circle and finished back where it started, in Las Caldas. It f...

08 Jul 2021

Penultimate Day of Action on the 2021 Classic Marathon

The definition of marathon in the dictionary is a ‘long lasting or difficult activity’, and leg five of the Classic Marathon surely qualified on both par...

07 Jul 2021

Fatigue Begins to Hit Marathon Runners on Day Four

‘McRae Land’ read the sign, backed by a giant Saltire, daubed on the house size rock overlooking the otherwise innocuous road. This tremendous rock is on...

06 Jul 2021

Halfway Point Reached for Classic Marathon Crews

Climbing was very much the theme of the day on the third leg of the Classic Marathon, as the competition had its only full day in Portugal. Climbing up to th...

05 Jul 2021

Classic Marathon 2021 – Competition Hots up on Day 2

The thing about blowing away the cobwebs, is that you’re never quite sure exactly what you will find underneath, and whilst day one of this rally may have...

04 Jul 2021

Classic Marathon Day One – International Competition Roars Back into Action

Often, the first thing that one notices when awaking in a new place is the bird song. The vernacular of the local fowl is full of idiosyncrasies that point t...

03 Jul 2021

First International Event of the Covid ERA to Begin in the Morning

It is hard to capture many things from our youth, although a great deal of us try. It is surely why the midlife crisis was invented, as an explanation for ou...


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