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25 Feb 2011

Highland Fling

What could be better than tackling the Scottish Malts in afeisty sporting classic? Answer: tackling it in two feisty sporting classics

24 Feb 2011

A Question of Survival

'The final leg was a 24-hour non -stop-drive, leaving Newcastle in the face of worsening extreme weather'

20 Feb 2011

Le Jog 2010

‘Heavy Snow fall, strong winds, dense fog and rain showers.’ That was the weather forecast for early December, and they weren’t kidding.

24 Oct 2010

Classic Rally Cars Available for Hire

New venture is ideal for beginners, those on a limited budget and visitors from overseas alike

04 Aug 2010

The 2010 HERO Scottish Malts

Open to cars built before 31 December 1981, the Scottish Malts this year will run from 6-10 September.

20 Feb 2010

How to go classic road rallying

One of the great joys of classic road rallying is that you can compete using a 100 per cent standard car - if you're careful with maps and timings, there's n...

01 Feb 2010

RAC Press Centre

You can realise your classic dreams, with a little help from HERO.


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