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04 Sep 2017

Winter Challenge to Monte-Carlo 2018

To celebrate the 21st running of the Winter Challenge to Monte-Carlo, two of the most respected and knowledgeable men in historic rallying have been tasked w...

18 Aug 2017

Le Jog-Holics

Robert and Sue McClean are competitors, real competitors who want to do well at everything they attempt. When trying to find out from Bob if there has been a...

18 Aug 2017

Guy Woodcock – Guy joins the damned.

Do you tough it out and hid behind the Force Majeure rule at all times or do you look at how you make it fair for the competitors?

18 Aug 2017

London – Lisbon 2017, Paul & Roma Handley

In all rallying, the days can be long and you have to be ‘on the pace’. On occasion ‘on the pace’ can become ‘hairy’ when getting back on time be...

18 Jul 2017

HERO honoured to host FIVA’s first UK Stewards’ Seminar

HERO were delighted to welcome FIVA, the Fédération Internationale Véhicule Anciens to our premises and to host the first ever FIVA Stewards' Seminar in t...

20 Jun 2017

The fascination of history

In this month's HEROICS, we look inside the HERO Premier Members and find a young man with a wonderful motorsport background passed to him by his Grandfather...

15 Jun 2017

Le Jog? Is it really that tough?

Who won the first ever Gold Medals at Le Jog? This is a question we have been asked many times over the years and we are delighted to bring you the story of...


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