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04 Nov 2022

Syd Stelvio Rally Report – Day 14 – Catamarca to Villa Carlos Paz

Another day of distance on the Lima to Cape Horn, another day of ticking off the miles in our pursuit of Ushuaia and another day with some solid competition...

04 Nov 2022

RAC Rally of the Tests – Prologue

By comparison with what lies in store, the handful of regularities and complex test within Weedon army base were a mere little scratch. But the action sugges...

03 Nov 2022

Syd Stelvio Rally Report – Day 13 – Salta to Catamarca

The first proper day of rallying in Argentina, post rest day so cars are fixed and even cleaned, and competitors are fighting fit. They would need to be, as...

03 Nov 2022

RAC Rally of the Tests descends on Blackpool

The very first RAC Rally started in Blackpool in 1932, becoming the forerunner to the 89 years of regularity and special stage rallying that was to follow. I...

02 Nov 2022

Syd Stelvio Rally Report- Day 11 – Tarija to Salta

Ah, border crossing day. Three words that strike fear into route planners like no other. Will it go ok? Will everyone get across? Will anyone break down at t...

01 Nov 2022

Syd Stelvio Rally Report – Day Ten – Uyuni to Tarija

You know a country has been good to you when your time there feels like it is over before it has even begun, and that’s probably a fair reflection of Boliv...

01 Nov 2022

Betty-Ann Banham, adventurer and original technical assistance ‘Sweep,’ sadly dies

From garage business in Norfolk to global endurance rallying with husband Peter, this dynamic team turned back the rally clock, then turned into the original...


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