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06 Sep 2019

Icelandic Saga 2019…and So, The Saga Begins…

Speak of Iceland and your minds eye is immediately drawn to images of ethereal landscapes, smouldering and searing water vapour and gasses from the earths ve...

02 Sep 2019

Back to School for HERO Events with a Third Field Trip to Iceland

After a long summer break the HERO rallying season, and the HERO Cup, returns in epic style, with an international adventure to the wild and rugged landscape...

23 Jul 2019

Summer Trial 2019 – The Film

The final video installment from the HERO Summer Trial is now live. Enjoy 20 minutes of uninterrupted coverage as the 88 crews taking part in the 3-day event...

15 Jul 2019

Summer Trial 2019 – Daily Videos – Day Three

Find out how the 85 remaining crews got on in the final day of the HERO Summer Trial. The day starts with two Tests and then continues to explore the Peak Di...

14 Jul 2019

Day Three News – Summer Trial 2019 The reckoning

After three days, 400 miles, 12 Regularities and eight Tests conducted in the glorious Derbyshire Dales, father and son Steve and Thomas Robertson were trium...

13 Jul 2019

Day Two News – Summer Trial Turns up the tempo

After easing themselves into a relatively straight forward first day, 88 cars left the Casa Hotel Chesterfield headquarters on Saturday to tackle four tests...

13 Jul 2019

Summer Trial 2019 – Daily Videos – Day Two

Find out how the 88 competing crews taking part in the HERO Summer Trial got on in Day Two of the event.


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