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24 Feb 2012

Hero’s Le Jog 2011

Hero's Le Jog 2011 Will Have the Longest Night Navigation Section Ever and Even More Tests ... Launched at the BMW Classic Park Lane.

20 Feb 2012

Le Jog 2011

Freezing conditions test classic crews to the limit

02 Sep 2011

Panerai HERO

Panerai's Classic Yachts Challenge series was this year visited at Cowes by 36 cars running in HERO's Summer Classic Reliability Trial

24 Mar 2011

Toughest-ever Le Jog

John o'Groats Reliability Trial defies the odds and all Mother Nature could throw at it

25 Feb 2011

Highland Fling

What could be better than tackling the Scottish Malts in afeisty sporting classic? Answer: tackling it in two feisty sporting classics

24 Feb 2011

A Question of Survival

'The final leg was a 24-hour non -stop-drive, leaving Newcastle in the face of worsening extreme weather'

20 Feb 2011

Le Jog 2010

‘Heavy Snow fall, strong winds, dense fog and rain showers.’ That was the weather forecast for early December, and they weren’t kidding.


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