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12 Sep 2021

The Scottish Malts 2021 – The Adventure Begins in the Morning

Through the streets of old Edinburgh, above the gentle hum of a city coming back to life came a familiar sound, the skirl of bagpipes, drifting through the n...

03 Sep 2021

Scottish Malts 2021 – Delayed event to begin in Edinburgh in just over a week

In just over a weeks’ time the starters flag will wave over the much-anticipated 17th edition of the Scottish Malts Endurance Rally. No doubt the 59 crews...

02 Sep 2021

FBHVC clarification on E10 fuel usage and labelling for historic vehicles

After an extensive consultation process, the Department for Transport has introduced legislation to mandate E10 petrol as the standard 95-octane petrol grade...

26 Aug 2021

Trans America 2022 – What Can be Expected on Route? – Day Two

Famous names of famous places might lend you to thinking that the 2022 TransAmerica isn’t an off the beaten track exploration of the United States at all,...

25 Aug 2021

Robert Brooks, famous auctioneer, racer and historic car enthusiast passes away.

Robert Brooks – auctioneer and former Chairman of Bonhams and the BRDC has sadly died after a brave two year battle with cancer. The former racing driver,...

23 Aug 2021

Forget Le Mans, Land’s End to John O’ Groats is the Ultimate Test of Motorsport Endurance

It’s just before seven on a bitter December morning, the pale winter sun has still to make an appearance, if indeed it will, and the chilled ground on the...

04 Aug 2021

Trans America 2022 – What Can be Expected on Route?

Let your feet wander and you never know where they might take you, let your mind wander and you might find that there are things you thought you knew, that a...


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