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29 Jan 2021

A Lady and Her Singer: Permanent Stitches in Time

One of the key elements that drew me to historic rallying, indeed historic motorsport of all varieties, is the fact that much coveted automobiles are out bei...

26 Jan 2021

FIVA Identity Card and Youngtimer Registration Document

Protecting, Preserving and Promoting World Motoring Heritage since 1966

08 Jan 2021

Dakar 2021

The hot deserts of the world are strange places, vast and unforgiving and the most alien of earth’s landscapes. To be lost there would be tantamount to som...

06 Jan 2021

It’s back, but so is the hugely popular HERO-ERA Virtual Table Top Rally Championship!

A third national lockdown has triggered numerous requests from historic rally competitors and motor sport enthusiasts alike for another popular, yet challeng...

29 Dec 2020

Impact of Brexit on the Historic and Classic Motor Vehicles Industry

There has been much comment about the impact of Brexit on the UK’s modern motor industry and several parts of the draft treaty deal specifically with the i...

19 Dec 2020

Per Ardua Ad Infinitum provides Christmas blast for 70 grateful crews

Starting and finishing in a huge aircraft hangar adjacent to the historic runway at host venue Bicester Heritage, 70 crews were grateful that HERO-ERA had ma...

18 Dec 2020


Crews of every level of experience rolled into the Bicester Heritage site, home of historic motoring and aviation, to pass through scrutineering in preparati...


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