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08 Oct 2018

RAC News release – Rally Of The Tests 2018

The Landmark RAC supercentre in Bradley Stoke, near Bristol, is to play host to the finish of one of the most iconic rallies in the world, The RAC Rally Of T...

27 Sep 2018

RAC Rally Of The Tests 2017 – MINI magazine articles

A selection of articles from the Lancashire Telegraph, MINI world magazine, Cooper world magazine and MINI world by Neil Johnson. Neil covered the event on b...

31 Aug 2018

Hero completes takeover of ERA events

London, 28th August 2018

The Historic Endurance Rallying Organisation (HERO) has completed the ‎take over of all the events organised by th...

31 Aug 2018

Classic Marathon 2018 – Article from Historic Motor Racing News

An article from Historic Motoring Racing News. Read more to find out what happened on the Classic Marathon 2018

09 Aug 2018

Joint ERA and HERO statement

Many of you will have received a joint press statement last week announcing that HERO will take over the ERA events and that whilst there had been an exchang...

01 Aug 2018

Hero And ERA Press Release

The Historic Endurance Rallying Organisation (HERO) and the Endurance Rally Association (ERA) have agreed that HERO will take over the events organised by t...

24 Jul 2018

Guy’s Corner

An interesting heading to this month’s heroics missive comes from the Stealers’ Wheels song released in 1972 and I thought that I would tackle the contro...


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