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21 May 2020

Introducing the HERO-ERA Wristwatch

HERO – Endurance Rally Association are delighted to present a luxurious, hand-made Swiss wristwatch, engineered and constructed with precision by famed Hor...

19 May 2020

Our Favourite Driving Roads

Here at HERO-ERA we have the opportunity to drive some of the best routes around the world. We put it to the team to decide what their favourite piece of roa...

14 May 2020

HERO Virtual Table Top Rally Back By Popular Demand

HERO-ERA have received so many complimentary communications with requests to continue that their Virtual Table Top Rally Championship that it will now extend...

12 May 2020

I Should Never Have Sold It!

Everybody that has a fondness for motoring and motorsport has that one vehicle they knew they shouldn't have sold. We asked the team if they have any cars or...

12 May 2020

Sahara Challenge 2021 Entries Now Open

The Endurance Rally Association are delighted to announce the launch of a magnificent adventure through the largest hot desert of them all, the majestic Saha...

06 May 2020

Childhood Family Cars And Their Memories

As Motorsport enthusiasts or Petrolheads, our love for cars and motoring can often be traced back to fond memories of our childhood family vehicle. The cars...

06 May 2020

BMW 328 Frazer Nash, The Fans Favourite Vintage

Last week across our social media platforms we asked you, our fans, to identify your favourite vintage car from a selection of 10 different cars. The BMW 328...


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