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15 Oct 2020

Shortened HERO Challenge Championship Winners Announced

The slightly shortened HERO Challenge Cup was concluded last Saturday, as the flag fell on HERO Challenge Three, the concluding round. Originally to be conte...

11 Oct 2020

Somerset and Devon provide double cream for HERO Challenge Three

A fabulous route across Somerset and Devon comprising eight tests and seven regularities in wonderful sunshine provided double cream for 84 crews as they lap...

09 Oct 2020

84 HERO Challenge Three crews making final preparations in Taunton

An eclectic mix of cars gathered at the Holiday Inn HQ Hotel in Taunton as a healthy 84 cars prepared for the final of the three HERO Challenges to take them...

06 Oct 2020


With a lockdown in Northumbria and other northern areas on the COVID-19 watch list along the route of the RAC Rally of the Tests 2020, HERO-ERA are respectfu...

06 Oct 2020

The final part of the HERO Challenge Trilogy based in Taunton

Part three of the popular HERO Challenge rallies of 2020, completes the trilogy set in historic surroundings of beautiful Somerset and Devon for the first ti...

27 Sep 2020

Summer Trial Final day, Leg 3 – Shropshire shines on the winners

After three days of wonderful competition with fabulous weather each day, Shropshire shone on three winners who waged a great battle across the hills and dal...

27 Sep 2020

Summer Trial Leg Two – The Liddells grab the lead in their TR4

It proved to be a long hot, yet late summers day in Shropshire as the contours closed up sending hopes high only for some timing aspirations only to drop low...


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