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22 Sep 2021

HERO Challenge Three- Championship finale with a twist

The two championship HERO Challenges held so far this year have provided drama right through to the finish line. The HERO Challenge finale and third in the t...

20 Sep 2021

World Rally Championship meets Classic car rallying

Following their second victory of 2021 at Ypres in the Junior World Rally Championship, Jon Armstrong (26, Kesh, Co Fermanagh, N.I.) and Phil Hall (33, Notti...

17 Sep 2021

Scottish Malts 2021 Reaches its Conclusion on Sodden Scottish Roads

The final day of the Scottish Malts 2021, one last chance for places to be made up and results to be settled. The route headed west today, towards Loch Lomon...

16 Sep 2021

Scottish Malts Day 4 – Rally Report

An early start in the port town of Aberdeen kicked off day four of this years Scottish Malts, the penultimate day of competition and one that would see us he...

15 Sep 2021

Malts Day Three – All Change at the Top of the Scottish Play

Upon the famed battlefields of Culloden is where our Heroes began battle on leg three of the 2021 Scottish Malts, within the realm of Cawdor Castle and the w...

14 Sep 2021

Malts Day Two – Mist and Mizzle in the Grampians

I like summer in Scotland, in fact it is probably my favourite day of the year, today however the mizzle and smirr greeted each and every competitor on day t...

13 Sep 2021

The Magic Malt Conjures Up a Thrilling Day One

In a certain pocket of countryside on the outskirts of Edinburgh, the usual dawn chorus was broken by a less than usual sound. A mere murmur at first, as the...


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