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08 Jan 2022

Per Ardua ad Infinitum 2022 – “A tough but brilliant event” winner Paul Crosby

Following the snow and ice of Leg One, the 14 tests and six regularities on Leg Two were awash as incessant rain produced rivers of muddy water in the tight...

08 Jan 2022

Per Ardua ad Infinitum 2022 – Day One

The Per Ardua ad Infinitum, which roughly translated means ‘always take the hard way’, really lived up to it’s moto as the new HERO-ERA Rally season op...

20 Dec 2021

Per Ardua ad Infinitum 2022

January is surely the most miserable month of the year, after the echoes of Auld Lang Syne fade away the hangovers clear to reveal a long, cold month. The tr...

16 Dec 2021

HERO-ERA Cup and Golden Roamer Champions 2021

The engines have fallen quiet, and the dust has settled after the final round of the 2021 HERO Cup and Golden Roamer Championships. LeJog would be the final...

07 Dec 2021

A Hard day’s night and icy morning after ensure LeJog stays on tough list

“This is one of the toughest LeJog editions I have been involved with for 10 years.” The words of Guy Woodcock, Clerk of the Course and veteran LeJog par...

05 Dec 2021

LeJog Leg three – Attrition sets in

After nearly 650 miles and 32 hours of 17 long regularities, 12 tests and a Time Control section, LeJog is starting its sink its teeth in with many using the...

05 Dec 2021


All the elements had been thrown at the 65 crews from Land’s End to Chester as Leg 1 and 2 came to a close at 4.10 am on Sunday morning. It started with hi...


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