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Insurance as it should be

HERO-ERA have partnered with leading insurance providers to offer the most comprehensive coverage and personalised service at the best possible rates. HERO-ERA premier members have a dedicated local team and benefit from up to 15% savings on annual classic car motor insurance premiums. Our partners create bespoke policies offering public road coverage for UK & Europe regularity rallying as well as options to include coverage for the private road sections and tests for all HERO-ERA events.



Rh45 is the atomic number for Rhodium, which is recognised as the most precious metal in the world. The number and definition was adopted by Angus Forsyth and Marcus Atkinson to become the brand for their classic car insurance business.

Rh45 provides knowledgeable and discreet risk management services with a focus on vehicles valued over £100,000 or collections of classics vehicles valued over £250,000.