HERO Challenge Championship


New for 2020

The HERO Challenge Championship

By popular demand, there will now be three HERO Challenges in 2020. The first event will take place on the 21st March in Bicester, the second on the 5th September in Preston, and the third and final round will be held in the South-West of England on the 10th October.

Training sessions from the ‘HERO Training Academy’ will be available at Race Retro, Stoneleigh Park in February and also a day before the September HERO Challenge in Preston. 

These three events will form part of a separate HERO Challenge Championship which will NOT count for the HERO Cup and crews can enter this with a view to progressing through the ladder to tackle one of our more difficult events in the future.

To add a bit of spice, the HERO Challenge overall event winners will be awarded a bonus of 5 points, 3 for second and 1 point for third place that will contribute towards the championship points. The same bonus points will be awarded to the top three drivers on each event in the Test pilot category and the same for the navigators in the Clockwatchers category.

The winning driver and navigator of the HERO Challenge Championship will receive a  £250 Voucher which can be used off any future entry or purchase on the HERO Store. The overall second-placed driver and navigator will be awarded with a £100 voucher and third place will receive a £50 voucher.


In respect of any Masters who wish to enter into these events, they will not be eligible for an overall result or any awards other than class awards. Entries from masters will only be accepted 28 days before the event provided the entry is not already full.

The Definition of Master’s Class – A master will be defined by both crew members in the seat they have entered the event who have finished first overall on a HERO green or blue standard event, in the top three of a red or black event (including Rally of the Tests in the overall positions including non-eligible cars), received a Gold medal on Le Jog or in the top three of a HRCR National B Road Rally in the last 3 years.

If a crew begins the 2020 season as a non-master, they will remain a non-master for the period of that season.

The type of car and what category is irrelevant – this class is purely based upon the crew’s experience.


The Organisers reserve the right to adjudicate on any queries raised regarding the allocation of points. A provisional points table will be published on the HERO website within seven days of the end of each qualifying event and entrants will have a further seven days in which to raise any queries. These must be submitted in writing. If appropriate, a further set of points will be published which will remain open to query for a further seven days from publication. Once this period has expired the points will be considered final and not subject to any further amendment.

The award winners will be announced in accordance with the above schedule and the formal presentation will take place in early 2021.