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Navigators' championship

Golden Roamer 2017

The Golden Roamer Trophy in association with The Basic Roamer Company has become the defining championship for historic regularity rallying over the past three years. Running alongside the prestigious HERO Cup in association with EFG International and Zenith watches, the series rewards consistency and recognisies the invaluable contribution to the sport that navigators give.


Golden Roamer after HERO Challenge

67 Martyn Taylor 22.5 45 5 28.5 101.00
68 Ian Canavan 21 28 15 1 25.5 90.50
69 Elise Whyte 4.5 45 12 28.5 90.00
70 Pete Johnson 10.5 38 15 6 16.5 86.00
71 Leigh Powley 18 31.25 28.5 77.75
72 Trina Harley 32 31.25 63.25
73 Richard Crozier 21 28.75 49.75
74 David Brown 44 44.00
75 Nick Bloxham 21 18 39.00
76 Richard Lambley 12 1 18 31.00


Previous Champions

First Prize

First Place

Zenith El Primero Chronomaster

Powered by the legendary beating heart of the El Primero movement, the El Primero Chronomaster 1969 HERO Cup edition incorporates the HERO logo into the 12-hour counter at six o'clock and is supplied on a leather strap with special red stitching.


Second Place

£1000 towards a 2018 entry

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Third Place

£200 to spend at

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HERO Cup and Golden Roamer Trophy Rules

To be eligible for HERO Cup and Golden Roamer Trophy points, the entrant must:

1: Compete in the individual events to be able to qualify for HERO Cup and Golden Roamer points – by doing so they confirm their acceptance of these 2017 HERO Cup / Golden Roamer Trophy rules.

2: Entrants must be “HERO Premier Member” at the time of the event to be eligible for points and maintain their membership until 31 Dec 2017.

3: Points are only scored by the individual entrant. The entrant is entitled to use different cars for different events and have a different Co-Drivers/Navigators on different events. The same applies to Golden Roamer Trophy entrants – they can partner different drivers on different events in different vehicles.

4: Points are awarded by class performance on individual legs.

5: All entrants must compete in a sufficient number of events in order to start at least 6 legs by December 31st, 2017; There are no restrictions on the number of qualifying events from which HERO Cup /Golden Roamer Trophy points may be claimed.

6: In the event of a tie, the win will go to the entrant with the highest number of class positions.

Each event is broken down into individual legs as follows:

wdt_IDEventNumber of LegsCoefficient
1 Three Legs of Mann 3 1.50
2 London to Lisbon Classic Rally 9 1.00
3 Summer Trial 3 1.00
4 Royal Automobile Club 1000 Mile Trial 5 1.25
5 HERO Challenge 1 1.25
6 RAC Rally of the Tests 4 1.50
7 Le Jog 5 1.50

Points will be awarded to the entrant according to the following schedule:

Competitors finishing 1st in class at the end of a leg are awarded 5 HERO Cup points multiplied by the event coefficient.

Competitors finishing 2nd in class at the end of a leg are awarded 4 HERO Cup points multiplied by the event coefficient.

Competitors finishing 3rd in class at the end of a leg are awarded 3 HERO Cup points multiplied by the event coefficient.

Competitors finishing 4th in class at the end of a leg are awarded 2 HERO Cup points multiplied by the event coefficient.

Competitors finishing 5th in class at the end of a leg are awarded 1 HERO Cup point  multiplied by the event coefficient.

No HERO Cup points will be awarded for medal and riband holders.

Class positions will be calculated by ignoring overall positions; i.e 1st overall on the event will be 1st in class for HERO Cup points, not the class position shown in results.

A maximum of 18 legs counts, for points with dropped scores applying for anything over 18 legs.


The Organisers reserve the right to adjudicate on any queries raised regarding the allocation of points. A provisional points table will be published on the HERO website within seven days of the end of each qualifying event and entrants will have a further seven days in which to raise any queries. These must be submitted in writing. If appropriate, a further set of points will be published which will remain open to query for a further seven days from publication. Once this period has expired the points will be considered final and not subject to any further amendment.

The award winners will be announced in accordance with the above schedule and the formal presentation of the HERO Cup will take place at Race Retro in February 2017.



Should the 2017 HERO Cup prizes not be available to the winners for reasons beyond HERO’s control, HERO reserves the right to change the prizes accordingly and will communicate the new prizes to the individual winners.