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All the vehicles in this fleet are pre 1940 and are eligible for a range of events.


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All the vehicles in this fleet are pre 1940 and are eligible for a range of events. We have a wide and varied range of vehicles to suit everyone's taste. HERO-ERA Premier Members enjoy 10% savings on arrive and drive vehicle hire, be sure to mention your membership to the arrive and drive hire team, or sign up here


1936 Aston Martin Speed Model

In 1936 Aston-Martin started production of the Speed Model. This is the most technically advanced of all the pre-war Astons, fitted with a 2 litre engine and specially developed hydraulic brakes as well as improved handling. Due to the high costs involved, Aston-Martin only made 23 of these, incl...


1933 Aston Martin 12/50 Le Mans

During the pre-war period, Aston-Martin was very focused on ensuring racing success as the most significant owner of the company pre-war, 'Bert' Bertelli, was a both a very successful racing driver and a master at creating a car that excelled at long distance endurance racing. Aston-Martin named...


AC 16/80 March Special – 1938

Just 23 examples were made of the AC 16/80 March Special, the bodies were bespoke made by Lord Freddie March in the mid to late 1930's. Arguably one of the most handsome British sports cars ever made, this vehicle has taken class awards on the Summer Trial and Royal Automobile Club 1000 Mile Tria...


Riley Brooklands 9 HP – 1930

A true sports car of its day. The original Riley Nine's were nothing like the Brooklands - they had a full coachwork body and an engine that was nowhere near as powerful, the Brooklands boasted a 50HP engine, a huge amount of power at the time. This is a car for the experienced to drive, it is un...