Three Legs of Mann 2019

Isle of Man


A competitive 2 day event, over 3 legs, with a night section around the Isle of Man

15th to 16th March 2019

2019 sees the return of the 3 Legs of Mann for its 4th addition based once again at the Best Western Palace Hotel & Casino on the seafront in Douglas. The event will commence on Friday morning with the 1st leg finishing as darkness falls giving the crews a short respite before the second leg in darkness, the final day will see another batch of regularities and tests including a number of closed road tests as well as some of the event favourites from the past.


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Event Description

Advanced difficulty

The event will use the classic, demanding rally roads of the iconic motorsport island that sits in the middle of the Irish Sea. There will be plenty of action to keep navigators on their toes and drivers under pressure, with famous closed road tests like the “Garey”, “Druidale” and “Marine Drive” which exploit the rigours of the mountain and coastal roads. The tight lanes in low lands that have a maze of junctions will make the regularities very interesting too. We will have the use of the Jurby Motorsport Centre for more tests and sections in the plantations.

Ramping up the pressure, the Friday evening section, in the dark will challenge everyone, slip changeable weather in to the mix, and you have an event not to be missed.

The limited amount of pre rally plotting and early finish on Saturday afternoon, will also allow this rally to be a very social occasion that is enhanced by the friendly support from the local community.

Three Legs Of Mann 2017 - Full Feature Film

Event Characteristics

Start Date


15th March 2019

Finish Date


16th March 2019

Length of Route

390 Miles

628 Kms

Pre Event training session


Approx. Leg Mileage

150 Miles

241 Kms

Vehicle Eligibility

Pre 01/01/1986

Navigation type

Tulips & Maps

Map 95 (provide your own)

Night section


Ave. No. of Tests


Ave. No. of Regularities


HERO Cup Coefficient


Current Entry Fee


Available until 31st Jan 2019

Premier members Entry (HPM)


Available until 31st Jan 2019

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Vehicle Information

  • Entry is open to cars that are pre 1986 or a model available pre 1986
  • All cars will be eligible for overall awards
  • The cars will be split into classes, based on age and cc. There will no differentiation between sports and saloon cars.
  • The scoring on the test sections is class based so you will be scoring against other similar aged cars
  • HERO continue to generally favour older cars and the route chosen has been planned around cars from the 1960’s but both older and newer cars will feel equally at home

What Is Included In The Entry Fee?

  • Entry to the event for a car and a crew of two
  • Welcome Buffet on Thursday 14th March
  • Evening Meal on Friday 15th March
  • Awards dinner on Saturday 16th March
  • Morning and afternoon refreshments on Friday 15th & Saturday 16th
  • Detailed Road book
  • Plotting instructions
  • Overall and Class Awards


  • You can book a three night package, including Ferry,  from £225 per person. Download the Booking Form 

Event Schedule


Pre event day

Crews arrive and Scrutineering takes place. The times will correspond with the arrival of the afternoon Ferry.


Leg One

The event will begin with an 8.30am start from the pit lane of the TT Grandstand and venture out into two tests at the service area of Nobles Park. A short run out to the first regularity, just to the south west of Douglas and finishing on the Marine Drive, a closed road test and a short regularity will follow before crews return to the Grandstand and repeat the first two tests. We then head up over the mountain with a short regularity into the coffee halt at Sulby Glen. Another regularity then takes us to the first visit to Jurby Airfield for four open fast and flowing tests. Then it's back over one of the iconic mountain roads with a regularity, before we head to the south of the island for two tests. Crews from previous events will be familiar around the Port Erin seafront and the hill climb past the former Formula One champion’s house, Nigel Mansell. Lunch is once again taken at the Abbey Restaurant, which was well received by crews on last year’s event. Two regularities and four tests take us up to the afternoon coffee halt at the Guard House on Jurby Airfield. Immediately after coffee we have a test, short regularity and then two relatively long regularities before we arrive at the evening supper halt about 5pm at the famous Creg Ny Baa.


Leg Two

Once darkness has fallen, crews will leave Creg Ny Baa. A short regularity loops us around the outskirts of Douglas, before we tackle the route of an iconic Isle of Man stage and eventually finishing on some gravel tracks through one of the plantations. The rest of the evening session includes three regularities, winding our way around the northern part of the island before we finish off with an early TC section around Jurby Airfield and immediately followed by a rest bite in the Guard House.

The final TC section of the event is a 30 mile time control section, timed to the minute, using some of the classic rally roads on the island as well as the plantations previous crews have become familiar with. Crews will finish back at the Palace Hotel before midnight.


Leg Three

Having hopefully recovered from the exertions of the previous night, crews leave the Palace Hotel for the first test on Marine Drive. Following on from the first test, competitors are straight into a long regularity before arriving at the beautifully located Nairbyl café for the morning coffee halt. After coffee, crews will head towards the seafront for the usual test- taking care not to end up in the sea! Two further regularities take the crews to Jurby for four more tests and three regularities. Returning to Jurby at the Guard House for lunch, crews will have the chance to look around the Isle of Man motor museum. Immediately after lunch the repeat of the four tests from the morning and the usual long regularity to finish the event, which George tells me will definitely be a sting in the tail, crews will get the chance to throw their cars around the two Grandstand tests before taking the plaudits at the Arch in the Grandstand pit lane.

Three Legs of Mann 2019 - Confirmed Entries

Three Legs of Mann 2019 – Accepted Entries

wdt_ID Driver Navigator Vehicle CC Year
1 Paul Crosby Ali Procter Porsche 911 2195 1969
2 Dennis de Roos Justin Paul Audi Coupe GT FI 2144 1983
3 Andy Johnson Alan Pettit TBA 0 0
4 John Kiff Robert Kiff VW Beetle 1596 1958
5 Derek Skinner Andrew Duerden Ford Cortina Mk1 1498 1965
6 neil wilson matthew vokes porsche 924 1984 1980

Three Legs of Mann 2019 - Pending Entries

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