The Trans-America 2023

Houston to San Francisco

Trans America 2023

The Greatest Motoring Adventure

20 Aug - 9 Sept

America is a land intrinsically linked with the automobile, and whilst the United States cannot lay a claim to being the ones that invented the contraption that we are all obsessed with, thanks to the likes of Ford and Durant et al. the motor car became something that would touch the lives of many and not just a few. It is a country that has inspired many, with its tall tales, cities that reach up to the heavens, huge landscapes and its all-encompassing skies. There is a long tradition of travel and a pull to enjoy life on the road, whether that be mounted on a Hogg on route 66, cruising in a Cadillac on the road to nowhere on highway 3 or following in the footsteps of Kerouac, Moriarty and Ginsberg, on the road is very much a way of life.

Our own On the Road adventure will take us from Houston to San Francisco, on a route that heads almost all the way north to the Canadian border and then back down to the city by the bay. As always with our adventures the route will take us on roads less travelled and whilst to see America is to cruise the freeways and highways, the roads that beckon those who choose to take on this trip will be an altogether less straight forward affair, giving us all the pleasure of seeing an America that many eyes never get to see. As Kerouac himself said, “There is nowhere to go, but everywhere.”

Over 21 days and thousands of miles our adventure will find our America, it will introduce us to a land of contrasts, some expected and some unexpected. Cowboy territory and the great plains will give way to the Rocky Mountains and high altitude passes, as well as tumultuous river crossings as we forge our own route across the great divide. Gravel roads will often be our friends, as we retrace the footsteps of the first pioneers that crossed these great lands, national parks will be our solace against the dust of the plains and deserts, offering a luscious oasis of green flora amongst fast flowing rivers and spectacular wildlife. For those with a head for heights the mighty Teton range will leave us breathless, and the venerable and ancient trees of the Klamath Forest will leave us humbled.

The event is open for vintageant cars built before 1948 and for Classic cars of a type built before 1986. Cars of a later date but unchanged mechanical specification will be considered at the Organisers’ discretion. Classes based on engine size will subdivide these categories.

The event is suitable for both novice and more experienced crews. Many roads are good tarmac and gravel, with competition on more remote roads, private land or race circuits. An easy to follow tulip route book will be supplied. Our experienced team of officials will be at your disposal at all times to support you and we will provide hints and tips on navigation.

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Event Characteristics

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Minimum Licence Required

RS Clubman

Length of Route

5,300 KM


Vehicle Eligibility

Pre 1986

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