Stay Home Real-Time Rally 2021

HERO Stay Home Realtime Rally

Real-Time Rally From Home

6th March

HERO-ERA presents a Table Top Rally held in real time, where contestants call the Controls shown on their timecard on their minute to receive the next regularity plotting instructions. With a set amount of plotting time per regularity this will mimic events such as the RAC Rally of the Tests albeit from the comfort of home or office, not squeezed into an MGB bouncing along a rough road.

Players will have to look out for Secret Checks and avoid going OTL (over the time limit) to creep up the leader board.

Every entrant will be issued a Car number. “Cars” can be two members of a household or they can go it alone. Start times will be posted on the Online Notice Board the day before the event. Navigators have to work out due times at controls using the standard time stated on the timecard, early or late check in’s will be penalised. Teams or individuals must check into all the controls before the “Closing Car” shuts the control, just like a real rally!

Route questions and secret checks will determine whether crews have plotted the correct route so HERO-ERA find can out who are the champions and crown them! Any issues or problems “en route,” just like the real thing, they can call the Competitor Liaison Officers who will be ‘live’ on duty, ready to point the puzzled in the right direction.

(Please Note: The route for the Real-Time Rally will be the same as the online event. Navigation instructions will be similar to those used on our previous Table Top rallies)

Proceeds from this event will be donated to Hospitality Action

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Event Characteristics

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Finish Date


Vehicle Eligibility

A Comfy Chair

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Regularity maps available for download


Stay Home Real-Time Rally

09:00 - Route Instructions sent via email
09:30 - Scrutineering - Send Pictures of you 'car'
10:00 - First 'car' starts
13:30 - First 'car' finishes
18:00 - Awards Ceremony (Bring your own food and drink)

Vehicle Information

  • A good workspace and comfy chair
  • All cars will be eligible for overall awards
  • Eligibility and Creativity will be determined during Scrutineering


What is Included in The Entry Fee?

  • Entry to the event for a crew of up two people
  • Help from the most experienced team in historic rallying
  • Regularity Maps available online 24 hours prior to the event
  • Detailed Plotting Instructions
  • CLO’s on Standby as a helpline
  • Awards & Ceremony Presentation (online)

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