The Scottish Malts 2018



16TH - 20TH APRIL 2018


HERO Scottish Malts Classic Regularity Event is the premier classic car event in Scotland.

‘The Malts’ as it has become affectionately known is a classic blend of regularities and driving tests set in the beautiful scenery Scotland provides. 2018 will see the 16th running of the event, starting from the spectacular and world-renowned Gleneagles Hotel, The Malts has something for everyone. The social side is another reason the event is so popular, we always aim to have everyone back for dinner and to swap stories of the day’s action.

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Thurs 12:30

We’re at the Kincraig Castle Hotel for lunch as the first cars are coming in, we’ll be collecting some stories from the road as the crews arrive at this stunning halt overlooking the Cromarty Firth.

Highlights from the morning, leaders the Car 1: Graham Walker / Sean Toohey have dropped a total of 2 seconds all morning.

Long way triangle with a hidden control causes problems for the majority of crews, on the first regularity.



Thurs 10:55

We’re halfway through the crews arriving at morning coffee and we’re gathering plenty of anecdotesfrom the road, here are a few of them;

Car 40: We have had a good morning, not excellent, but good. We were very lucky that very time we met a car coming the other way they were very friendly and pulled in to let us through.

Car 52: It was good up until the right left triangle on the regularity, I’m not sure where my head was, but I took a right and then another right which messed up our time.

Car 63: It’s a very good morning with a wonderful regularity it was very challenging but we loved it.

Car 46: We didn’t have any problems with the triangle on the regularity, we were just a little slower than we’d have liked.

Car 90: It has been a great morning but we didn’t do as well as we’d have liked, I think we still need more coffee!

Car 35: We’ve been having trouble with the gearbox so we couldn’t reverse so after we took a wrong turn on the regularity we had to find a bit of road to swing around on.

We also witnessed car 35’s crew running out of the coffee halt after getting carried away in chatting and not realising what time they were meant to be checking out!

Thurs 10:27

We are currently waiting for a few anecdotes from the first coffee halt of the day.

Car 61: Absolutely disastrous, mis-read an instruction and went miles wrong – simple stuff but we have enjoyed it otherwise.

Car 84: We thought we were doing well until we saw two other cars heading in different directions. Had a drama at he last control but we sorted it in the end.

Car 69: Really good regularity, but a little tricky control at the end caught us out.


Thurs 09:57

An insight into what goes on behind the scenes on HERO rallies, the special awards were given out at last nights evening dinner.

Here’s a little snippet to some of the crews who have distinguished themselves.

Thurs 05:00am



2nd Place Overall

Paul Bloxidge / Ian Canavan

All change at the top….

Enough is enough for the pairing, after retiring from second place when their Porsche 911 developed terminal engine problems.

They had hoped to nurse the car home but on the mini Loch Ness regularity car became impossible to drive and without risking a complete blow up they have handed in their timecards and will take no further part in the event.

At the time they had moved up from fourth place and were just one second behind the leaders with all to play for on day four, but the popping and banging was traced a dropped cylinder, and the decision was taken to withdraw.

Weds 23:28

Here they are the full break down of results for Day Three of the Scottish Malts 2018.

To say it is tight at the top is an massive understatement.

We have some big news tomorrow morning that WILL change the top three positions..


Weds 22:08

Weds 21:47

Top 5 at the end of day three on the 16th Scottish Malts and it’s still tight at the top.


1 – Graham Walker / Sean Toohey Lotus Elan 1:13

2 – Paul Bloxidge / Ian Canavan Porsche 911 1:14

3 – Bill Cleyndert / Jacqui Norman Bentley 3/4.5 1:18

4 – Daniel Gresly / Elise Whyte Porsche 911 1:19

5 – Nigel Perkins / Pete Johnson Porsche 911 1:40

Weds 18:23

Well, more news for you soon as a taster: Gap extended, possible change of positions and one of the top four is nursing a sick car!

Majority of crews are back at the Hotel after completing the mini Loch Ness Monster.

End of Day Quotes

Car 2: “Turned into goldfish but we made it to the hotel and we’re now enjoying a pint”

Car 4: “Bloody marvellous, what a day, good company and great roads -need a wee”

Car 9: “Great thanks, a little seized up”

Car 15: “Exhilarating and magnificent day”

Car 17: “Great day – real Scotland”

Car 21: “Lovely, perfect, with a dash of line and arrival of beer”

Car 25 : “Good after yesterday / wrong instructions”

Car 32: “Alarming experience as we now know where we are going on the Loch Ness cycle E-Tape, which we are doing next week.”

Car 43: “Had a really good day, saw a red squirrel and plenty of cattle grids”

Car 67: “Enjoyable half, thinking its getting less stressful, sore bum!”

Car 68: “Crying, awful, one mistake had to drive on speedo”

Car 69: “Long last regularity seemed alright, wonderful general public, Scots waving and smiling”

Car 84: “We lost our numbers, otherwise great!”

Car 90: “Almost hit a pheasant which wouldn’t go away, Loch Ness saw the three bumps, carrying our own suitcases for weight distribution”

here are some of the quotes from finishing crews:



Weds 15:01

Finally found some 4G in Fort William along with ice cream!

Lunch Halt Quotes

Overheard at lunch “Its such a wonderful place, truly magnificent, it really is better than the continent”

Car 10 “The morning has been wonderful and the scenery on the last regularity of the morning was spectacular”

Car 26 “It’s been a good morning, its the first morning that we haven’t broken down which is brilliant, though it does make you wonder what’s coming later”

Car 34 “It’s been a good morning, though we were a little confused by a control that appeared to us to be in the wrong place”

Car 27 “It’s been really really fun, and it’s such a beautiful place, really wonderful”

Car 35 “This morning has been incredible, the beautiful scenery of driving through Glencoe and then being buzzed by two Eurofighter Typhoons was incredible too, they flipped on their sides and screamed over our heads, and in seconds it was back to the breathtaking beauty of the Glen”

Car 40 “It’s been a nice run, lots of potholes though”

Car 42 “Traffic has been a right pain and the roadworks were awful, apart from that it’s been really good”

Bowsers “Our car is running well after we fitted the new part, thankfully!”

Car 67 “Great drives, the road alongside the loch and the river was incredible,


Weds 14:21

Video to follow shortly.

Result from lunch are now available and make interesting reading.




Weds 12:42


1 min 02 secs  Graham Walker / Sean Toohey   Lotus Elan

1 min 03 secs Daniel Gresly / Elise Whyte           Porsche 911

1 min 06 secs Bill Clyndert / Jacqui Norman     Bentley 3/4 1/2


Breaking News!

Wow, at the mid-way point of the event there is just 4 seconds between the top three, with the Porsche 911 of Paul Bloxidge and Ian Canavan still to arrive at lunch.

Test times may go up or down.


Weds 12:36

A magnificent road section up Glencoe and we have arrived at our lunch venue.

When we have any news we will let you know. The numbers are being typed as we speak.

It is very close at the top with a number of crews having  a great morning.

More when we have it.


Weds 09:43

Disclaimer, we are in a cheeky mood this morning – Some comments have been elaborated on for humorous reasons only.

Photos of Scottish Malts Rally (16-20/04/2018). All rights reserved. Author’s credit “©Photo F&R Rastrelli” is mandatory. Editorial use only for press kit about Scottish Malts 2018. Any further use is forbidden without previous Author’s consent. Author’s credit “©Photo F&R Rastrelli” is mandatory

Here we are at the Hero favourite and scene of many a rest halt on Le Jog or previous Malts the Killin Hotel.

Car 71: Good morning, not many penalties but we haven’t got a starter motor so when we stop it is a bit of problem – need a highland cow if one is available for pushing.

Car 40: 4 seconds lost in total, no dramas except for typical driver going left when navigator said right – test was very slippy!

Car 1: I’m here, still breathing none of the red stuff in the car. Allegedly, smiling.

Car 44: No real news, I am brain dead this morning, and Barry is even worse than me

Car 68: Regularity one – bin lorry day 11 seconds lost on first day and then another 4 seconds with a van

Car 9: Parked up on regularity two with a ground sheet being prepared under the car.

Car 8: It’s sunny in Scotland, we are all wearing shorts, and there are no tourists on the road – Honest!

Car 43: Right, left, right dilemma but for harmony’s sake we got it right! Think it might be a long day. Amanda PLEASE may I drive?!

In fake (joking news): We are hearing that a Co-op delivery van took a wrong turning and has got fastest time of the day

Car 21: great, just great really enjoying conversation with Christian (ummm says editor). Not so much time lost. I’m not Swiss I am not so precise with timing!

Car 17: A minute is a long time waiting – No comment. (editor: so is seven).

Car 32: My morning has gone – dare to say – surprisingly well this morning, scenery is getting better and better

Car 19: Bit of fun avoiding the mine shafts to keep to time. Beautiful views over the Loch.

Car 46: Strong morning with plenty of coffee in our belly’s – Looking forward to a few biscuits.

Car 65: All went perfect!!!

Car 83: Meet a timber lorry – but made the next timing point – just!!

Car 49: Excellent morning, loved the slippy test! Great fun!

Car 33: Looking lovely in his tartan – sartorial elegance is alive!! Fuel problem meant they were running late but are hoping to claw it back.

Car 90: At last we find them, got everything including the code board on the test!



Weds 08:13

Good morning and welcome to the mid way point of the event!

The first cars started leaving from 08:01am

We will have an update from the coffee stop – In the meantime some more fabulous photos from Blu Passion photography. We love these guys!

Tuesday 21:58

Tuesday 21:36

Wow, the top five looks extremely close after day two of the Scottish Malts 2018.

Updated day two



Tuesday 21:00

Results are about to be published and our daily video round-up is nearly ready.

Until then a few more photo and quotes from our competitors.

Car 4 Bill Cleyndert / Jacqui Norman: “We’ve had a really fun day, it’s been brilliant the water feature of the ford was very interesting too, I got soaked but I don’t mind”

Car 7 Matthew Polk / Amy Gould: “Apart from dropping my timecard in the mud while getting out of the car it’s been great and the test was a hoot and a half

Car 15 Graham Platts / Neil Ripley: “It’s been a great day, I really feel like I’m getting the hang of it now, the regularity where we were up in the hills was wonderful and the scenery was breathtaking”

Car 22 Mark / Susan Blackmore: “The last regularity was incredible with beautiful scenery, it’s been a thoroughly enjoyable day with great organisation”

Car 24 Michael Kershaw / Elizabeth Comstock-Smith: “We’ve had a good day, far better than we expected, the traffic lights caught us out but that seems to have happened to everyone”

Car 46 Robert Crofton / Nicholas Ruddell: “We had a great run and that last but one regularity was just incredible, the ford really caught us out but the day itself has been great”

Car 47 Dilwyn Rees / Andrew Duerden: “We were on time until we hit that ford, then the car started chugging and spluttering and we ended up down by four seconds by the time we got to the marshal”

Car 59 Derek Reynolds / Eddie Beedie: “We went off road, got stuck and had to be towed out but the mechanics, lost 10 minutes”

Car 61 Hubert / Diane Lynch: “We were rather worried about driving our mini through the ford, as we had a bit of trouble a few years ago where we needed to push it as we had taken on too much water”

Car 75 Pierre Gerber / Alice Leuenberger “It was a great experience, especially driving through the water splash, it was so much fun!”

Car 86 John / Freddie Evans: “Well, our Brantz is broken so we’ve found this very difficult. It’s ok on tulips, but anything else becomes very tricky. Apart from that it’s been wonderful”

Tuesday 14:38


Car 14: The usual really getting stuck behind some lorries but, apart from that it has been a good rally.

Car 4: Highlight of the morning is that it stayed dry – which is always good in an open top car.

Car 46 Rob Crofton: Just need to learn how to drive it has been a good morning but just coming up against a lot of traffic.

Car 27: Been a great morning and a really well organised event – The 45 minute regularity was truly amazing!

Car 82: car has been misfiring since the first few miles of this morning.

Car 55: An okay day with a nice lunch – Had a problem with a one of the control boards but it didn’t seem to affect our times.

Car 22: Met a very caring tractor driver trying to reverse into a field which held us up a bit. Location of the coffee halt is where I caught my first salmon some 40-years ago.

Car Bloxidge: We’ve had a good morning – a really good morning and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed it.

Car 57: Well somehow we managed to miss all the code boards on the test – That meant they set an incredibly fast time.

Car 18: Had trouble with the code boards too. Ended up drawing the symbols rather than writing them down – Very worried as the drawings were not very accurate.

Tuesday 14:00

Tuesday 11:05

Coffee Halt at Ballathie House, Kinclaven

Tuesday 10:31

This morning organisers have decided to run the crews in alphabetical order.

First crews have arrived at TC 2

Ian / Sian Mills Results team: everything is going swimmingly, and any mistakes weren’t our fault

Car 0 the bump is doing well no fall-outs or baby brain

Car 26 Simon Arscott / Deborah Lloyd we understand they were seen parked up in the first regularity with the bonnet up.

Car 38 Claude / Patricia Bally Everything perfect and we hope to continue like that

Car 22 Mark / Susan Blackmore: Good run except for a large tractor – but much better!

Car 82 Paul Bloxidge / Ian Canavan: Here with no dramas, fairy straightforward regularity dropping 2 seconds across all the controls

Car 62 Branko Brkovitch / Richard Lambley:

Car 76 David / Wendy Brown: Fine, all the boxes are filled just what we want.

Car 74 Hanspeter Yolanda Bollinger: This morning was good and we are slowly getting used to it

Car 55 Julia / Roger Bricknell: a second here and a second there – d’rectly!

Car 4 Bill Cleyndert / Jacqui Norman: reasonable with ones and threes but it’s all relative and very good – thank goodness it hasn’t rained

Car 46 Robert Crofton / Nicolas Ruddell: hahahaaahahaha car going well but fuel pump making loud noises – trying to make all the food stops


Tuesday 08:10

Blue Passion Photography  


Monday 22:35

Day One round-up – Scottish Malts 2018

Monday 21:36



Monday 21:00


Car 2 Mark / Susie Davenport: Apart from losing a nut from the back of the gearbox on the very first test, we have thoroughly enjoyed what has been a fantastic day

Car 16 Niklaus / Gisi Frueler: A muddy road in the woods with a huge lorry coming the other way meant we got stuck in mud and we only just got out after plenty of mud-slinging

Car 28 Klaus / Hildegard  Mohr: We had to almost go back to Gleneagles to get the right kind of petrol.

Car 41 Johnathan Money / Phil Feast: We had to put two wheels on a verge to avoid a tractor pulling out and hadn’t seen them coming. ‘If I’d known you were taking me into a field I would have brought a Defender.’

Car 46 Robert Crofton / Nicholas Riddell: Ended up in a field and near to a lake as they thought they might go fishing.

Car 49 Alexandre / Christine Pesci: All okay otherwise other than the field.

Car 50 Oliver / Aileen Kreyden: It was unbelievable that we found the hotel – a day full of ups and downs. loved the drums, bagpipes and distillary.

Car 52 Malcolm Trice / Jeremy Boadle: big tractors and lorries but somehow got around and managed to get in 14 seconds early!

Car 55 Julia / Roger Bricknell: Well, I sit in the subservient seat and just do as I am told, and the end of the day I just do what I am told.

Car 77 Max Behrndt / Gina Bachmann: We had a really fun day, got the Datsun a little sideways on the test which was really enjoyable.


Monday 17:06

We’re expecting the first crews back to Crieff Hydropathic establishment for the first of our two nights stay.

We have yet to have it officially confirmed but we ‘understand’ that car 1 Graham Walker / Sean Toohey may have been ‘shopping’.

Car 3 has rejoined the event after missing most of the morning’s route.

Car 83 Steve / Julia Robertson have not had the best of starts after a frustrating regularity one which saw them get baulked they managed to limit the damage to 11 seconds.

We are now hearing that they have broken down and are trying to repair the MG B, we’re not sure exactly what the problem is.


Monday 14:16

We are at lunch where the cat has been well and truly put among the pigeons with a few competitors have not just gone shopping but ploughing after a was it/was not instruction.

This coupled with a classic ‘lay-by’ intermediate regularity control has seen a few of the favourites playing their ‘joker’.


1.) Graham Walker / Sean Toohey Lotus Elan        00:03

2.) John Evans / Freddie Evans                                 00:08

3.) Paul Bloxidge / Ian  Canavan                               00:09

4.) Richard Dresner / Colin McKenzie                     00:09

5.) Bill Clyndert / Jacqui Norman                            00:10

6.) Irvine Laidlaw / Tony Davies                              00:11

7.) Chris Pearson / Rob Faulkner                             00:14

8.) Nigel Perkins / Pete Johnson                              00:15

9.) Max Behrndt / Giona Bachmann                        00:17

10.) Malcolm Trice / Jeremy Boadle                        00: 17


Monday 11:00

(Please Note: timings are from competitors and could be wrong)

Car 1 has set the bench mark for the first regularity covered in a fine Scottish mizzle as the competitors wound their way to Kinross. Dropping 2 seconds.

Car 2 is trying to get the right route first and has dropped 7 seconds

Car 4 reckoned the had good fun dropping around 9 seconds

Car 6 smelt oil and concentrated on making sure the car was okay

Car 8 with a control around the corner they had a van stuck in the mud and waited for it to get free dropping 1 minute

Car 11 overheated and had to pull over to effect some repairs, adjusted the thermostat, and carried on but had dropped 1 minute

Car 14 was doing well dropping a zero and then a one until the third intermediate where there is some confusion over times

Car 19 dropped around 20 seconds no problems reported

Car 21 Dropped 3 seconds as long as they have escaped a possible line penalty after struggling to stop at the final intermediate control

Car 28 has lost 8 seconds – stop watch keeps on varying with marshals time

Car 32 not too bad – bit rusty

Car 33 dropped 3 seconds and if confirmed will go into second place overall

Car 38 good regularity but lost more than a minute

Car 40 reckoned the lost around 9 seconds but want to query a time baulked by on or two other competitors

Car 43 few electrical issues got all controls hoping for a better regularity 2

Car 47 has reported losing 5 seconds in total but all early penalties

Car 50 has lost a total of 7 seconds

Car 57 has phoned in to say they require mechanical assistance

Car 68 has reported a total loss of 4 seconds which would put them in top 5 overall

Car 72 no problems

Car 74 no problems


Monday 10:30

Waiting here in Kinross for the first competitors to arrive after Regularity One.


Monday 08:35 

Finally the wait is over the hotel foyer is a buzz with nervous crews eagerly awaiting the day ahead.

First car is across the start line at 09:01

Course cars are starting to leave Gleneagles and the marshals are getting into position.


Monday 00:10 – 01:20

A rude awakening for competitors and organisers as a fire alarm sounded just after midnight.

Fire brigade currently conducting a search of the underground ducting after ‘heat’ was detected.

Some competitors already asking for a delay allowance – others fancy a some kind of night rally!


At least we have a FREE bar!

At least the alarms have been turned off.

More updates when we have them

Sunday 21:00

The light but succulent Hebridian crab tian melted in the mouth infused with the light, crunchy mango salsa. The moistness of the avocado topped with delicately sliced potato salad was the perfect start to our Scottish adventure.


A exquisite fillet of Scotch beef, beautifully complimented with the subtle strength of the braised cheek in a red wine and mushroom sauce.

The dessert rounded off the perfect menu – Great selection and choice by Lizzie, with great service and lovely portion sizes.

Sunday 18:00


A busy day with all but one crew making scrutineering and noise testing.

Novice briefing was well attended without too many questions asked.

Now for the welcome dinner taking place this evening, before the competition begins.



Sunday 11:50am

Crews are arriving, scrutineering is underway and roadbooks are being handed out as we speak.

Lots of excitement as competitors get a first look at the weekend ahead.

We will have photographs later.



Results & Reports

Will appear here throughout the event

Spectator Information 

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Copy of SM18 Spectator Points (002)

Entry List in number order

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SM18 Entry List (Number Only)

Event Description

Introductory difficulty

The roads of Scotland are quiet away from the cities, they provide us with some of the best driving and scenery in the United Kingdom, we guarantee that you will enjoy the experience of these stunning lanes.

The Malts gets its name from the whisky distilleries we visit along the way, traditionally we try and site some driving tests at these venues, but we also visit castles, stately homes and attractions en route, the variation is wonderful.

The 16th Scottish Malts, one of HERO’s most popular events, will once again take you through some of the UK’s most spectacular scenery for this Introductory Level five day regularity event. Driving during daylight hours you’ll visit bonnie glens & lochs, stately homes & castles across the whole of Scotland from our start and finish at the magnificent Gleneagles Hotel, with the only 2 Michelin Star restaurant north of the border. During the event we’ll only be using three hotels meaning you won’t be packing your case every morning; so you’ll feel more relaxed whilst reflecting over dinner and taking a wee local dram at the end of the day.

Quiet country lanes that afford stunning vistas – sometimes dreaming that you’re the only car around for miles. Keep a look out for streaming waterfalls, majestic Stags on the hills and the occasional soaring Osprey. From breath-taking mountains to the rugged coastline, you’ll take in the best of our Scotland-only event.

All this combined with just 180 miles per day using straightforward tulip style road books means entries will fill quickly for this hugely enjoyable rally. Some of the highlights: St Andrews with the world’s most famous golf course, a visit to Balmoral after it was ‘snowed off’ on the 2016 event, tackling a compact version the infamous ‘Loch Ness Monster’ regularity section, whilst collecting miniatures from the distilleries en route & enjoying hospitality at some great venues. The basic tests revisit some old favourites and some new locations as well as ‘spinning around the barrels’ at a couple of the distilleries.

The Malts is aimed at a wide range of competitors, the navigation and route are designed to allow those who have never competed before enjoy the challenge and excitement of a truly international event, but still able to test the experienced crews who compete on the event.

Event Characteristics

Start Date


(Excluding scrutineering)

Finish Date


Length of route

950 miles

(1586 km)

Pre event training session


On Sunday 15th April

Approximate Leg mileage

190 miles

(304 km)

Vehicle eligibility

Pre 1/1/1986

Navigation type

Tulip / Map-based

Easy maps, supplied.

Night sections


Expected Tests


Expected Regularities


HERO Cup coefficient


Vehicle Information

  • All cars will be eligible for overall awards.
  • The cars will be spilt into classes, based on age and cc. There will no differentiation between sports and saloon cars.
  • HERO continue to generally favour older cars and the route chosen has been planned around cars from the 1960’s but both older and newer cars will feel equally at home.
  • The scoring on the test sections is class based so you will be scoring against other similar aged cars.

Event Schedule


Welcome to Scotland and Gleneagles!

Sunday the 15th of April will be documentation and scrutineering day.


Day One - Gleneagles to Crieff

Monday heralds the start of the event into a not-too-demanding regularity and a test or two as you traverse the leafy lanes and smile at road-signs you could only ever see in Scotland – Yetts o’ Muckhart, Auchtermuchty et al. The Kingdom of Fife and beautiful St Andrews are yours for lunch, followed by the trip into Perthshire and the Crieff Hydro Hotel for the first of two nights there. With a great history and established in the 19th century for the ‘Cold Water Cure’, the only cure you may wish to take is a drop or two in your dram!


Day Two - Crieff to Crieff

Tuesday is deep in the heart of Perthshire, with its rolling tree-covered hills and grand stately homes. You’ll see the mythical Glamis Castle, previously a Royal Household and the setting for Shakespeare's 'Macbeth', with the mountains for the next day’s drive in the distance. Another warm welcome beckons for your return to the Crieff Hydro.


Day Three - Crieff to Inverness

Wednesday starts with a regularity that passes the Cultybraggan Camp, the eerie looking Historically Listed WWII Army Camp before driving the banks of Loch Earn and into the mountains. The spectacular and atmospheric Glencoe awaits, the most recent of its legends being where James Bond paused with his DB5 during the ‘Skyfall’ film. There will be a few whisky barrels to avoid rubbing at the Ben Nevis Distillery before continuing to the previously mentioned light version of the Loch Ness Monster regularity and the run down to the luxurious Kingsmill Hotel in the heart of old town Inverness.


Day Four - Inverness to Inverness

On Thursday you’ll get even further north, on the opposite side of Loch Ness amongst the impossibly tall conifers and winding single track roads. The Cromarty Firth, full of slumbering North Sea oil rigs, gives you the first of the day’s distilleries before heading over the hills past one of Scotland’s finest views above the Dornoch Firth. A picturesque regularity on the edge of the northerly Sutherland Mountains marks the turn south-wards finally as you still need to squeeze in a couple more distilleries in the afternoon. Views of the Moray Firth will precede the run in to Inverness again, but keep an eye out this time for the dolphins that live near the Kessock Bridge.


Day Five - Inverness - Gleneagles

Your departure on Friday takes in a little bit of Macbeth country to the east of Inverness, following the river Findhorn south as you head for a test at a whisky distillery that’s turned production to gin. There may still be some snow on the peaks as the route takes you through bleak heather moors “o’er the top” to The Scottish holiday home to the Royal Family, Balmoral Castle. Here the cars will line up right in front of the castle for that unforgettable picture and then it’s onwards via Royal Deeside towards Perth as the distilleries & regularities aren’t finished yet! The finish line at Gleneagles and a glass of celebratory bubbly awaits…


Event Documentation

Equipment Check-List

Previous event reports