Race Retro Training Academy 2023

Stoneleigh Park

HERO-ERA training


25th February 2023

HERO-ERA is recognised as being innovative and professional – everything we do is aimed to give you, the competitor, a first-class experience on our events, this also extends to our famous training days. Whether you’re a newcomer, novice or want to brush up on your skills, our structured series of training days will equip you to compete with confidence or refresh your knowledge as you look to take part in Historic Regularity rallying.

Our February training day will be held at Race Retro and will consist of three seminars. Each session will be an hour in length and give a basic grounding on navigating HERO-ERA and similar type events. You can read what the seminars contain below, and then choose from a range of packages once you click sign up.

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Entry Fee

£15.00 per session

(discount available for multiple sessions)

HERO-ERA Training Academy Sessions at Race Retro


Seminar 1-  The basics

11:00 – 12:00

Introduction to classic rallying and Green & Blue Events.
The importance of reading everything, noticeboard and synchronising watches.
Within this there will be a brief introduction to the three elements of link sections, tests and regularities. Understand Tulip instructions and measured distance.

Outcome: Would be able to attend a Green or Blue rally, understanding the important elements.


Seminar 2 - Timing

13:00 – 14:00

Timing on Jogularities and accumulative speed tables, introduction and many examples of each.
Showing that maps are used with accumulative but no plotting in this seminar.
Timing would include marshal starts and self-starts, knowing to write the next minute in.

Outcome: Just from this seminar you would have a good understanding of timing for regularity rallies, concentrating on the Green & Blue Events.


Seminar 3 - Advanced Events

14:30 – 15:30

Introduction to Red & Black Events
Understanding that sometimes it is better to cut and run
Different types of plotting & navigation techniques
Introduction to more complex Timing, Speed Changes & Speed Tables

Outcome: Be confident in stepping up to the next level of rallying

PLEASE NOTE: Seminar cost does not include entry to the Race Retro Show. You have to purchase a ticket to the show to gain access to the Training Seminars – you can purchase  tickets for the show by Clicking here.

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