Le Jog 2018

Land's End - John O'Groats


An Event Designed For Experts

8th to 11th December 2018

Still considered by crews as one of the most demanding and challenging events in Europe and a definite to be ticked on your “must do” events list! HERO’s Land’s End to John O’Groats Reliability Trial is open to cars of a specification built before 1986. Running in December, tough conditions are to be expected, but no-one crosses the finish line without a smile on their face. The event has been tackled and completed by novice crews in the past, however, we would recommend undertaking less advanced events as a preparatory measure prior to competing on Le Jog.

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Le Jog 2018 - The story so far...

Expert difficulty

Leg 3 Le Jog, Telford to Slaley Hall – The calm before the storm

After an epic first two legs of Le Jog ending with an exciting TC action in remote Wales in the early hours of Sunday morning, most crews reached Telford. Some were happy, some relieved but there were also some very disappointed crews who had to retire from this tough event.

After a few hours sleep, the remaining crews tackled 9 regularities and 3 tests along the 300 mile route to Slaley Hall Hexham. Although still a demanding day, most realised that this was the calm before the storm. Sunday night would be the last chance to get some proper rest before the push past the English border and on to John O’ Groats with just a short break in Fort William before the finish on Tuesday.

Some of the Le Jog veterans took pleasure in reminding the ‘Rookies’ that they weren’t even half way there yet, the last two legs covering six hundred and thirty five miles would be the real sting in the tail!

Survivors from Saturday night’s terrors in Wales were quick to point to the tests on military training ground. “Caerwent frightened us to death” said one competitor who didn’t want to put his name to the quote, “it was fast and dark with big kerbs to bite you, we were glad to get through it!”

Paul Day’s MGB melted it’s light switches and had no spotlights for the eerie TC’s in the remote tracks of Wales in the dead of night. “It was just scary, we couldn’t see properly then on top of that we had a breakdown but eventually we got back into action.”

One of the bravest crews were James Gleeson and Roger Knight, just for the fact that they have been taking their large 1976 Jaguar XJC through many of the narrow and twisty Le Jog challenges, but to do it without windscreen wipers after the motor packed up is daring. They were last seen this morning rubbing potatoes over their windscreen so the rain would streak over the glass.

From bravery to despair. Poor Daniel Gresly who had been in the medals in his Porsche 911, the Swiss navigated by Englishman Jonathan Hancock, endured a “shocking night” according to Jonathan. “My navigation all went to pot and we missed a time control, you miss one and that’s it, no medals for us.” Can Daniel maintain his lead in the HERO Cup points though?

Andy Lane and Iain Tullie managed to get their 1938 Morgan to Telford but no further. Andy’s hands were blistered from trying to steer the reluctant, misfiring car which “ could hardly get up a hill” said Andy. “ We just picked the wrong car, we should have been in a Bentley!” Iain Tullie just tried to keep his head down each time yet another bow wave of water cascaded over the crew. Happily and generously, Iain hasn’t gone home but is working in the course car as navigator. Real dedication.

Pre forties open top cars don’t just cause discomfort they can strain relationships, such is the difficulty of going the right way, never mind hearing each other. Elliott Dale’s navigator and partner Charlotte Ryall who is another Le Jog ‘Rookie’ said: “ It is a real test of our relationship, it certainly can be fractious in the car at times. But the thrill of flying along in the TC sections where we managed to get into controls on our minutes was just great.”

Another to have fun and seriously enjoy himself was Horst Pokroppa form Germany navigating for compatriot Henrik Verspohl in their 1957 MGA Coupe.


“It was just a marvellous night on Saturday, it is the first time in Wales that we have gone through the whole night without missing any controls! The link sections were very misty which didn’t make it easy, then we nearly drowned out in a ford which made it very misty inside too. But what a night!”

Another lady navigator doing well is Amy Henchoz sitting alongside driver Roger Tushingham in their MGB GT. “We hit all the controls but we just came out of one TC on the same time a little quick but the other car was fine with it. We had a good day.”

Some have not been so lucky. Car 39, the Nick Dawson and Andrew Tuggey MGB GT has had to retire after just 45 cars from the original 71 starters got through regularity 8 later tonight in Leg 3. Derek Skinner and Peter Scott had to retire their Cortina GT with rear suspension problems.

Rally champion and drinks magnate Steve Perez who is famous for his love of the Lancia Stratos, was kind enough to allow crews through his Chesterfield estate again to conduct a Le Jog regularity. However, the Dutch crew of Sybren van der Goot and Maiko Wellink in their fabulous 1971 Datsun 240Z didn’t believe they were on the right track as they arrived in front of Steve’s superb mansion. They did a neat u-turn fearing they had trespassed into somebody’s beautiful front garden by mistake!

As tired crews arrived at Slaley Hall on Sunday night, some felt they had really endured a long and difficult day. Experienced competitors on Le Jog told them this had been like a walk in Steve Perez’ park, the next 48 hours would be very different indeed!


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LeJog 2018 - The video journey so far

Event Characteristics

Start Date


(Excluding scrutineering)

Finish date


Length of route

1450 miles

(2320 km)

Pre-event training session


Approximate Leg mileage

290 miles

(460 km)

Vehicle eligibility


(Cars of a specification built before this date)

Navigation type



Night sections


Expected Tests


Expected Regularities


HERO Cup coefficient


This event runs under the regulations of the Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens (FIVA)

Vehicle Information

  • There are no overall awards on Le Jog – Medals are awarded for attaining a high standard of consistency and excellence.
  • The cars may be split into classes, based on body type, age and cc
  • The scoring on the test sections is class based so you will be scoring against other similar aged cars
  • Vehicle eligibility is defined in the HERO Standard Regulations, these are available in the event documentation section below
  • Vintageant cars will have their own class
  • HERO continue to generally favour older cars and the route chosen has been planned around cars from the 1960’s but both older and newer cars will feel equally at home

What Is Included In The Entry Fee?

  • Entry to the event for a crew of two people
  • Accommodation on Saturday the 8th and Sunday the 9th of December 2018
  • Help from the most experienced team in historic rallying
  • Mechanical assistance available if required during the event
  • Refreshment halts
  • Extensive awards list
  • Printed Map book, good enough quality to plot on, along with Jogularity Instructions and Test Diagrams to enable you to navigate the route
  • Optional complimentary pre-event welcome buffet on Friday evening, Lunch and dinner on Saturday the 8th, Sunday the 9th and Monday the 10th of December. Awards Presentation Dinner on Tuesday the 11th of December



Leg 1 - Land's End - Abergavenny

Leg 1 - The first leg of the event will see crews start from Land's End, England's most extreme southern point and then travel onto Abergavenny in south Wales. After completing the first test and regularity, competitors will meander their way along the A30 towards Bodmin before taking part in a range of regularities and tests along the way. After a long morning through the leafy lanes of Devon and Somerset, crews will take the M5 towards the original Severn crossing before completing a few more tests and a regularity. Upon completion competitors will make their way towards the Hog's Head which will be the evening rest halt.


Leg 2 - Abergavenny - Telford

Leg 2 - The first night section of the event in which crews will travel through the popular road rally lanes of Wales. Completing two TC sections around the Church Stretton area, competitors will then travel towards Telford for a well deserved rest.


Leg 3 - Telford - Hexham

Day 3 - Another full days rallying as crews travel from Telford to Hexham competing in a range of regularities and tests. Competitors will pass through the picturesque countryside of the Derbyshire Dales and various other UK beauty spots before ending the day at Slaley Hall. Crews will then get the chance to have a 'full' nights sleep in preparation for the final two legs of the event.


Leg 4 - Hexham - Fort William

Leg 4 - After a full nights rest, crews will travel from Hexham crossing the Scottish boarder and onto Fort William. Leg 4 of the rally is packed with regularities and tests leading up towards the final leg of the event.


Leg 5 - Fort William - John o'Groats

Leg 5 - The second night section of the rally and the final test of endurance leading towards the finish line. Crews will be due to arrive in John o'Groats just after 10am completing a selection of regularities and tests along the way including the famous Loch ness monster regularity.

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Entry List For LeJog 2018

wdt_ID No Driver Navigator Car cc Year Cat Class
1 1 Brian Scowcroft (Eng) Chris Ford (Eng) Chevrolet Fangio Coupe 3,300 1,936 1 1
2 2 Stuart Anderson (Eng) Richard Lambley (GBR) Bentley Derby 4¼ 4,250 1,936 1 1
3 3 Elliot Dale (GBR) Charlotte Ryall (GBR) Bentley Derby Special 4,250 1,937 1 1
4 4 Andy Lane (Eng) Iain Tullie (Eng) Morgan 4-4 1,267 1,938 1 1
5 9 Henrik Verspohl (DEU) Horst Pokroppa (DEU) MG A Coupe 1,500 1,957 2 2
6 10 Willy Davids (DEU) Dany Molz (DEU) Jaguar Mark I 2,400 1,959 2 2
7 11 Adrian Barwick (GBR) Simon Arscott (GBR) Austin-Healey 3000 3,000 1,960 2 2
8 14 Thomas Lundt (DEU) Dirk Adam (DEU) Porsche 356 B Super 90 1,600 1,962 2 2
9 15 Robert McClean (Eng) Susan McClean (Eng) Rover P4-100 2,625 1,962 2 2
10 16 Harald Krauspe (CHE) Martin Pfuderer (DEU) Volvo 122S 1,800 1,963 2 2

Event Documentation

Equipment Check-List

Previous event reports