Icelandic Saga 2019



An Intermediate Level Icelandic Adventure

7th to 13th September 2019

The land of Ice & fire

Iceland is an amazing place and we’re glad to see that you are considering joining HERO for the third adventure around this stunning island. Rural Iceland is a land of contrasts of wild beauty and endless space, made up of rivers, mountains, valleys, waterfalls, volcanoes, glaciers, cold and hot springs and so much more that wherever you are able to look you will see stunning vistas.

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Congratulations to everyone who took part in and completed the HERO Icelandic Saga 2019


The overall winners of the HERO Icelandic Saga 2019 are:

1. Owen Turner and Rachel Vestey (31) – Austin Mini

2. Seren Whyte and Elise Whyte (2) – Standard 10

3. David Liddell and Edward Liddell (17) – Triumph TR4

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Event Description

Intermediate difficulty

Iceland –  Lunar, volcanic, dramatic, inspiring, magical.  The Icelandic Saga in 2019 will be a nine day adventure with seven competitive days, covering a greater area of the island than the 2015 Saga. The route will consist of a mixture of handling and maneuverability tests, regularities and link sections, along with magnificent and breathtaking views.

Crews will have the chance to stop at the picturesque locations of the Geysir, a hot spring and favourite stop along the Golden Circle, The Godafoss waterfalls – one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Iceland and the incredible Myvatn Nature Baths, a set of geothermally heated pools and steam baths.

On one of the competition days, there will be an opportunity for those that want to keep their adrenaline levels up, a half day Skidoo driving. On a separate day, competitors will be able to relax and experience the wonder of Whale watching from the glacial oceans off the northern coast of Iceland.

Icelandic Saga 2019 - Event Highlights

Event Characteristics

Scrutineering Date

6th September

After cars clear customs

Start Date

7th September

Crews arrive Thursday evening (5th)

Finish Date

13th September

Length of Route

1223 Miles

1968 Kms

Pre-Event Briefing


Friday 6th September

Approx. Daily Distance


281 Kms

Vehicle Eligibility

Pre 1986

Navigation Type


One or two simple maps

Night Section


Expected Tests


Expected Regularities


HERO Cup Coefficient


Event Permit


Event Schedule


Crews Arrive

Crews arrive via Keflavik International Airport and make their way to Rally HQ in Reykavik.
A free evening to saunter into town and enjoy the bars and restaurants or a meal in the hotel that is rally HQ.


Scrutineering & Documentation

Crews collect their cars from customs at the dockside then make their way to Scrutineering before processing through documentation.

Another free evening to enjoy Iceland's bustling social scene.


Day One

We leave the Reykjavik waterfront for a day of five Regularities and three Tests in the largely agricultural south west corner of the island. We visit two of the major attractions on the ‘Golden Circle’, the Pingvellir National Park and the Strokkur Geyser. Time is built into the day for a stop at both locations, which are not to be missed. Indeed the second Regularity runs up the side of the beautiful Lake Pingvallavatn, it has a twist to it at the end so be alert. The day finishes in Hella, a small town in south Iceland where early settlers, thought to be Irish monks, lived in caves and fished for salmon.


Day Two

A half day of competition so that the really adventurous can go snowmobiling on the Vatnajokull Glacier. There are 3 Regularities and a Test on the run to the lunch halt which concludes the day’s competition. We are still 140 kilometres from the overnight halt. The run to the overnight halt is along Route 1 and goes through a landscape that can only be Icelandic, where glaciers come down to the sea and icebergs lie on black sand beaches. The crews going snowmobiling will have to push on to the overnight hotel where the company will be waiting to transport you up to the glacier. The other crews can have a leisurely trip along the spectacular Route 1. The main sites and attractions will be noted in the road book so there will be plenty of time to stop and discover these unique locations.


Day Three

The route takes you north to the eastern part of the island with its long firths and mountain passes. Regularites make use of the winding mountain roads and picturesque valleys stopping for Tests at the local fishing villages. The last Test of the day will take place at the Alcoa aluminium refinery after which you stop for the night at Egilsstaðir, where the local cuisine regularly features reindeer.


Day Four

We wake up to a Test at the rear of our overnight hotel and then head due north into the really quiet corner of the island. The recce team stopped at our coffee halt, the Hotel Tangi in Vopnafjordur. It is the only hotel in town and yet no one else was staying there but them. To get to the Hotel Tangi we take another hairpin bound mountain road over the Hellisheidi Eystri mountain pass. After coffee another Regularity takes us on a straight run to lunch at the Myvatn Nature Baths via another landscape that is uniquely Icelandic, one of thermal springs, boiling mud pools and extinct volcanoes. A long lunch is planned at Myvatn so that everyone, competitors, officials and marshals alike can have a taste of this unique place – so bring your swimming costumes, and if it's cold don’t worry, the natural spring water is around 38°C. Another Test, as we leave Myvatn, and two Regularities take us around the stunning Lake Myvatn and into our overnight halt in Husavik.


Day Five

After a mornings whale watching off Husavik, which is known as the Whale Watching Capital of Europe, we return to our overnight hotel for lunch before an afternoons route that takes in three Regularities and a couple of Tests. The refreshment halt is taken at the Godafoss waterfall which, apart from being spectacular, is steeped in Icelandic myth and folklore. As we run to Akureyri, the capital of the north. The last two Regularities of the day are cheeky little ones that will require your concentration.


Day Six

We head due north out of Akureyri to run alongside the Eyjafjordur, watch out for more whales which can be seen from the spectacular road that clings to the cliffs. Two Regularities take us over the impressive Trollaski Peninsula. We then turn south for coffee at the Skagafjordur Museum of Transport, time will be built in to allow you to visit this eclectic collection. Three more Regularities and a Test take us to lunch. A return to a full days rallying concludes with two more Regularities before an overnight halt at the isolated Hotel Laugarbakki. If the northern lights are active this will be a good place to see them.


Day Seven

We now turn south back towards Reykjavik with a compact final day of five Regularities and a Test before a late lunch at the War and Peace Museum at Saurbaer, where the events competitive element finishes. Along the way we visit Bonafoss waterfall, and the Deildartunguhuer Hot Springs, where time is built in to make the most of each visit. Don’t be tempted to see how hot the water is at the springs, it’s at boiling point.
After lunch we only then have the run back to the waterfront in Reykjavik where the adventure began some six days and 1200 miles ago.

Cars will be returned to the docks ready for shipping on Friday afternoon.

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