Classic Marathon 2018


10TH – 16TH OF JUNE 2018


The Classic Marathon is a superb event for both driver and navigator. The majority of the route will be on Tarmac roads, with only a minimum of loose surfaces on tests and route. All driving will be carried out in daylight hours. Navigation is straight forward with a comprehensive tulip road book provided along with a map showing the route overview. It is perfect for those wanting to venture out onto their first long distance event or compete abroad. This event receives the classification Intermediate because of the above, suitable for all levels of experience, some guidance may be needed by novice crews.

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Event updates

The route survey is progressing well, Anthony Preston has just returned from the first on the ground route recce with a smile on his face muttering something about stunning views and great driving roads. Hotels are confirmed and although we don’t want to wish our life away, the event planning is continuing at a pace and we can’t wait! We can confirm that the event will start on Sunday 10th June, with scrutineering on Saturday 9th at the Divani Apollon Palace hotel and finish there on Saturday 16th June 2018.

This will make life a lot easier if you intend transporting your car to and from the event. The hotel is also only 25 minutes from the airport so travelling to and from the terminal will be minimal.

Straight Eight Logistics, our transportation partner is offering the following for this event:

Option 1 – Door to Door

Collection from home/garage address (UK) to Piraeus (Greece) return inc. transport from Piraeus warehouse to start & back from finish hotel to warehouse & transport to/from Felixstowe Port – £2600 + VAT per car return


Option 2 – Port to Port

Felixstowe Port to Piraeus Port return (excluding transport to start hotel from Piraeus warehouse, transport from finish hotel to Piraeus warehouse & transport to/from Felixstowe from your preferred UK address) – £2250 + VAT per car return

The costs above do not include marine insurance, but we can quote this once we have the vehicle value.

For more information please speak to Jeneen for more information:


Straight Eight Logistics Ltd.

Tel: +44 (0)203 540 4929
Mob: +44 (0)7535 759494
Skype: StraightEightLogistics

More information will be released later this year when we send out the Classic Marathon Newsletter.

Event description

Intermediate difficulty

When the first Pirelli Classic Marathon competitors were flagged away from London’s Tower Bridge on a bright and sunny Sunday in June 1988, it was the start of something very special. The ambitious plan was a drive across Europe to Cortina – the Jewel of the Dolomites – and all the way back again for a prize giving at the Royal Automobile Club in Pall Mall. As the promotional brochure at the time put it, “This event is rather unique – there is nothing as long, demanding or as challenging in the world calendar for classic cars”. It was a plan that captured not only the imagination of countless enthusiasts -but also many of rallying’s past heroes – Stirling Moss, Roger Clark, Timo Makinen, Paddy Hopkirk, Paul Easter and Willy Cave to name but a few were all keen to come out of retirement to relive former glories.

Although the event has evolved in the thirty years since that date, the Marathon still holds endurance at its core, driving and navigating across some of Europe’s finest roads and mountain passes are the heart and soul of this event. However, the event does allow for a good social side as it is essentially a daylight event. Navigation will be in the form of easy to read tulip instructions or simple Jogularity information. These will be supplemented by daily overview maps. As such, the event is ideal for those wanting to venture out onto their first long distance European event.

Breaking new ground in 2018, the Classic Marathon will explore the birthplace of western civilisation, Greece. This mountainous country lends itself to fantastic driving roads, each turn bringing a challenge for both driver and navigator. We aim to bring you a real flavour of the Aegean and a rare and unique chance to compete against like-minded crews over this fabled rally ground. Scrutineering takes place on the 9th of June 2018, with the event starting on the 10th of June 2018.

The event starts at an historic site in the Athens area and, from there, a straightforward first day on the road takes us north west to Delphi and a chance to consult the Oracle… The terrain then becomes more rugged on Day Two as we explore the mountains of Central Greece before finishing in the shadow of the amazing clifftop monasteries at Meteora.

Climbing ever higher, a challenging third day behind the wheel sees the route rise to over 2000 metres as we enjoy a series of lonely mountain roads through the spectacular Pindos Mountains before descending to the coast and the overnight hotel close to Patras.

Day Four combines the mountains of the Peloponnese with the opportunity to visit a few historic sites as we head for the coastal resort of Kalamata, famous for its olives. Here crews can enjoy two nights in the same hotel, as the next day sees us discovering the wild and rugged coastlines of the beautiful Mani region before returning to Kalamata.

Event characteristics



(Excluding scrutineering)



Current Entry fee


(Starting from)

Length of route


(2320 km)

Pre-event training


Approximate Leg mileage

200 miles

(320 km)

Vehicle eligibility


(Cars built before this date)

Navigation type


Night sections


Expected Tests


Expected Regularities


HERO Cup coefficient


Vehicle Information

  • All cars will be eligible for overall awards.
  • The cars will be spilt into classes, based on age and cc.
  • HERO continue to generally favour older cars and the route chosen has been planned around cars from the 1960’s but both older and newer cars will feel equally at home.
  • The scoring on the test sections is class based so you will be scoring against other similar aged cars.
  • Vehicle eligibility is defined in the HERO Standard Regulations, these are available in the event documentation section below.

What is included

  • Entry to the event for a crew of two people.
    Eight nights’ accommodation (crew of two sharing – supplements available for single rooms).
    Lunch on each day of competition; Sunday the 10th of June to Saturday 16th of  June
    Evening meals for the nights Sunday 10th of June through to Friday 15th of June.
    Champagne Reception & Welcome Dinner on Saturday the 9th of June.
    Champagne reception & Awards presentation banquet on Saturday the 16th of June.
    Generous awards list.
    Rally plates and side number plates.
    Detailed Road Book.
    On-event support from our HERO Assist Mechanics.
    Event Regalia/Souvenirs.

Entry qualification:

1. Entries are only accepted on receipt of a completed online application form and the deposit £1,500 being received

2. The entry is only confirmed once the balance in received on or before the due date of 28th February 2018

Entries received that do not meet the criteria of 1 and 2 above will be automatically moved to the event Waitlist and an entry on the Waitlist will be moved up to the entry.


Entry List

Classic Marathon 2018 - Entries by vehicle age

Event Documentation

Equipment Check-List

Equipment Check-List

Previous event reports