Buick 40 Special 2dr Sedan – 1938 (LHD)


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Buick 40 Special 2dr Sedan

This is the ultimate ‘big bad’ rally car. It’s direct relatives from the era made their names in adventure movies or as gangster’s getaway cars in cops and robbers epics, but this big straight eight Buick has starred in big endurance rallies!
It’s collection of epic rally plates attest to it’s experience of motoring adventures around the world such as the Peking to Paris Motoring Challenge and the Road to Mandalay.
The Buick Special was originally a full-size car in 1936, returning in 1938 as a mid-size which is the model base of this very different rally car. From the same family, it’s cousin the 1939 Buick Special Coupe more than rivalled the 39’ Chevrolet Coupe which was later to become the Chevrolet ‘Fangio’ Coupe as modified by Juan Manuel to become his first road race car.
This is one tough cookie. Built to take the battering of a long distance rally, the car’s special suspension soaks up the rough roads. Although it’s big and heavy it’s easy to drive and comfy to live in for long events. In fact there is loads of space, enough for all your spares! The big straight 8 has such power through the range that you could almost leave it in 3rd gear and it would still pull you out of the biggest desert hollow. It has a full syncro ‘4 on the Floor’ gearbox that possesses a very positive shift.
The Ivory/Burgundy colours act as camouflage to the rally machine that lurks beneath. The straight 8 engine allows effortless cruising, ideal for long distance endurance rallying. As this Buick Special is of 1938 vintage, the car is also eligible for a number of HERO & ERA Rallies such as RAC 1000 Mile Trial and Flying Scotsman.

Hiring this car is open to everybody. Please contact Mark on arriveanddrive@hero-era.com for further information.

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The Facts


107 bhp
Top Speed
100 mph
0-60 mph
17 secs
203 ft lb
Coil Springs
Miles Per Tank


Engine Size
4065 cc
Straight 8
2 per Cylinder
Fuel Type
4 Speed


Fuel Capacity
68 litres
1533 kg
5082 mm
1890 mm
1750 mm
3099 mm
Turning Circle

Vehicle Hire Information

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Prior to taking control of the vehicle, our A&D team will do a full handover of the vehicle showing you all the controls and go through the vehicle with you.

HERO-ERA Premier Members receive a 10% discount on Arrive & Drive hire fees


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