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Vintage stuff with classic cars on the whisky trail

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02 May 2014

A wonderful string of classic cars took to Scotland’s roads this week and Road Record’s Maggie Barry caught up with them at Cameron House on the banks of Loch Lomond.

HERO – the Historic Endurance Rally Organisation – had 53 cars taking part in its Scottish Malts Reliability Trial and Tour, with visits to some of the country’s top distilleries along the way.

The 1022-mile tour started at Gleneagles before going to Cameron House and the start of some tough driving up towards Skye, then the Highlands and Speyside, before heading south again.

Included in the itinerary were time trials and tests but with the glory, too, of the fantastic Scottish scenery.

HERO boss Patrick Burke said: “We love coming to Scotland because it is always so beautiful and the hotels are absolutely wonderful.”

Drivers came from as far afield as Argentina to participate. Those without cars can make use of HERO’s arrive-and-drive rental scheme.

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