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The Trans-America 2023


21 Sep 2022

It’s the land of the free, it is the land of plenty with vast spaces for automotive adventure. That’s exactly what our recce team lead by Nick Reeves have found, lots of amazing gravel roads in remote territory, from the great plains to the Rocky Mountains and high altitude passes.

You can catch a little flavour of the star spangled adventure in a few of Nick’s recce pictures and the perfect ‘off beaten track’ roads across the huge landscapes. This is the America that many never get to see. This is perfect rally territory for historic rallyists to carve their way into the great out door USA, the home of the automobile.

The Trans-America (20 Aug – 9 Sept) 2023 will retrace the footsteps of the first pioneers that crossed these great lands on a 21 day journey form Houston where we will find the real America. From tumble weed and cowboy towns to the solace of the great National Parks, on a route that heads way north to the Canadian border and back down to the city by the bay, San Francisco, this is the motorised Wells Fargo.

There are fast flowing rivers, rickety bridges and signs warning you to ‘Beware of the Bears’ and for those with heads for heights, climb the mighty Teton range and witness the massive and ancient trees of the Klamath Forest. It is a pure American adventure in waiting.

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