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The Sloof Lirpa Rally 2019

14 countries - 100+ Regularities & Tests - The Finest Hotels


01 Apr 2019

It is our pleasure to announce the newest event on the HERO calendar, The Sloof Lirpa Rally 2019. The event will travel through 14 countries, using only the greatest of driving roads and will see crews compete on over 100 Regularities and Tests. Staying in exclusive hotels, dining at restaurants with no less than 4 Michelin stars and a +5 coefficient towards the HERO Cup. With an entry fee of just £99*, this event is going to fill up fast!

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The Sloof Lirpa Rally 2019









*If this page fails to load. Please do not phone the office! Just read the name of the event backwards and go and put the kettle on!*

14 Jun 2019

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12 May 2019

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