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The Land’s End To John o’Groats Reliability Trial For Historic & Classic Cars

4th - 7th December 1993


28 Jan 2019

Words by John Kiff

Legendary navigator John Kiff who won the first gold medal on the first ever Le Jog in 1993, will act as the Route Planner for the 25th Anniversary Le Jog 2019. This year he will be taking the event back to it’s roots, here he recalls the first ever epic event twenty five years ago!

17 Apr 2019

London to Lisbon 2019

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01 Apr 2019

Icelandic Saga 2019

They call it the land of fire and ice, a vast landscape of frozen tundra with a vignette of snow-capped peaks atop towering slopes. The scenery is punctuated...

01 Apr 2019

The Sloof Lirpa Rally 2019

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