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Rally Giants Join Forces

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10 Dec 2012

Octane Magazine

HERO and CRA team up to provide even better service

Historic Endurance Rallying Organisation and the Classic Rally Association have joined forces, to integrate the annual rally and event calendar into a simplified structure.

Tomas de Vargas Machuca, co-managing director of HERO, explains: ‘Joining forces will benefit classic car enthusiasts, as sharing resources will improve our combined portfolio of rallies and trials. It will also allow the development of joint initiatives, such as training days for novices, and tailor-made events.’

The CRA is renowned for European events such as the Classic Marathon, Winter Challenge, Poppy Rally and UK-based Rally of the Tests and Three Legs of Mann, whilst HERO is known for events such as LE JOG, Scottish Malts, Summer Trial, Throckmorton Challenge and the London-Lisbon Reliability Trial and Tour.

Patrick Burke, also co-managing director of HERO, says: This does not mean that the CRA will become part of HERO or vice versa. The different styles of the events are an important factor for competitors, and we have no intention of changing that.’ He added that two teams will continue to operate as they have done until now under their own brand and maintaining the different styles of their respective events.

At the Goodwood Revival, HERO offered visitors the chance to drive a special rally test in classic cars from its Arrive & Drive fleet.