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Hero’s Le Jog 2011

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24 Feb 2012


Hero's Le Jog 2011 Will Have the Longest Night Navigation Section Ever and Even More Tests ... Launched at the BMW Classic Park Lane.

The 17th annual running of the world acclaimed event between December 10th and 13th will see cars battling it out on a 1,400 mile course between Land’s End and John O’Groats with the longest night navigation section ever to be included.

Hero’s Event Director and Clerk of the Course for Le Jog, Peter Nedin, said: “competitors have gone on record to say that Le Jog is one of the toughest events of its kind in Europe, possibly the World, and we constantly strive to maintain this enviable reputation. The appointment of John Kiff, a past competitor on Le Jog, as route coordinator has brought a fresh pair of eyes to the event. John and I have worked closely on the route to make 2011 an event to remember and talk about for years to come”

Tomas de Vargas Machuca, Managing Director of the Historic Endurance Rallying Organisation (HERO) said: “This will be one of the most testing events that we have ever run. As in past editions, the event is attracting crews from all over Europe and beyond, which is a testament to the event and all those who work so hard to make it happen.”

BMW Park Lane Classic, who as part of a sponsorship deal with HERO is to prepare a 1973 BMW 1602 saloon for the event. The car, which will also be included in HERO’s successful Arrive & Drive program, has been repatriated from Italy.

“We are delighted to be preparing this car and supporting the event. Finding parts and preparing a car like this is exactly what we do as part of BMW’s commitment to its past. Le-Jog is important because it allows cars like this to take part in a gruelling event and be put to the test with the knowledge that parts are still available.” said Toby Partridge, Managing Director of BMW Park Lane Classic.

He added: “We have access to a back catalogue of 35,000 genuine BMW parts all which help keep classic BMW’s on the road”

AVIS will also be supporting the event by providing all coordinating and support vehicles, which will be used by the organizers and marshals to steer crews safely to the finish.

John Kiff spent several days and clocked up more than 5,000 miles carrying out an exhaustive recce and route survey. He has used his years of Motoring News and Welsh Championship night road rally experience plus that of doing seven Le Jogs to create what should give both driver and navigator one the greatest challenges so far.

John Kiff said: “My aim is to make Le Jog as relentless as ever but to add more competitive elements which will give crews even more satisfaction and sense of achievement.”

The infamous Welsh night section will have over 30 time controls – 75% of which will be 4 minute sections and the longest section will only be 3.5 miles – but the route has been designed with loops to allow controls to be cut for those running late.

Wales will also see some tough, late-evening regularities where crews’ driving, navigating and timekeeping will be thoroughly tested. “We want to see every crew arrive at the Telford tired but with a big satisfied grin on their faces” John said.

In addition, this year’s Le Jog is planned to have up to 30 tests at 26 venues – more than double the number of some recent Le Jogs and more than the last Rally of the Tests! Many of these tests will be at exciting new venues while those at ones previously used have been completely redesigned.

The overall number of regularities has been reduced slightly but the Jogularity format will be exploited to the full and Le Jog will continue to provide the navigators with considerable map-reading challenges.

The romantic adventure appeal of Le Jog will still remain with controls in some of the UK’s best country pubs and road sections through the UK’s most beautiful scenery.

The Monday leg from Gosforth to John O’Groats will see more new test venues as well as some more tight night navigation sections.