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HERO honoured to host FIVA’s first UK Stewards’ Seminar


18 Jul 2017

22 FIVA Stewards from around the world visit HERO

HERO were delighted to welcome FIVA, the Fédération Internationale Véhicule Anciens to our premises and to host the first ever FIVA Stewards' Seminar in the UK.

HERO was honoured recently to host the very first FIVA (Fédération Internationale Véhicules Anciens) Stewards’ Seminar to be held in the UK. Twenty-two Delegates from around the world attended and after a welcome to the UK and HERO offices in South Wales, delegates settled into an informative and enjoyable day.

FIVA is the world-wide authority for historic vehicles as part of our cultural heritage and its mission statement follows three key points:


  • FIVA protects the responsible use of historic vehicles through legislative monitoring, the development of recommended policies, specific supportive action and effective relations with national and international authorities.


  • FIVA preserves historic vehicles, related artefacts, and records through research and cataloguing as well as the development of guidelines, standards, and education which ensure that authentic examples of our automotive past are available for future generations.


  • FIVA promotes historic vehicle culture through communication, development of international events, forums, and seminars. FIVA also provides formal recognition and support for activities that are consistent with our ideals.


At the Stewards’ Seminar, a wide range of technical information, upcoming advice for owners of historic vehicles and general discussion on the promotion of the historic movement were discussed. HERO provided the premises and some of its Arrive and Drive fleet for delegates to use for training in the inspection of vehicles against their FIVA Identity Cards.  This is an important document issued by FIVA technical specialists to vehicle owners that documents the build and identity of historic vehicles.  It is valid for 10 years after which it can be renewed.

In 2016 FIVA received UNESCO patronage for its World Motoring Heritage Year to promote and educate people in the relevance of historic vehicles from motorcycles to cars, buses, trucks and utility vehicles illustrating the huge role that these vehicles have played and continue to play as part of our cultural heritage.

To read more about FIVA visit their website at:

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