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HERO-ERA announce three-year calendar at NEC Classic Car Show


11 Nov 2022

After a tremendous amount of work by the HERO-ERA team, their Competition Director Guy Woodcock was today able to announce a comprehensive three-year calendar to an assembled audience on the HERO-ERA stand on the first day of the Classic Car Show at the NEC Birmingham.

*Pearl of India event launched for 2025

 *HERO-ERA announce new partnership with Goodwool

Guy Woodcock. “We are really pleased to be able to announce such a full and varied three-year calendar of events which we have made a lot of effort to finish.

“With the Peking to Paris Motor Challenge moving to 2024 and 2025, we’ve reconfigured the calendar, so we have an excellent rota for the next three years and some events conceived beyond that, including the Cape to Cape which will be a thriller!

“We’re looking at going to Cape Nord, which is obviously the top of Norway down to the southern Cape of Good Hope, near Cape Town in South Africa. Getting across Africa safely and sensibly is the problem. But there are a number of options potentially, but the world is a changing”.

“The 2023 calendar is fixed, all the events are now open, which includes the Classic Marathon, so people can enter, a new and exciting event is the Badawi Trail across the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia for the first time in a long while. The Trans-America for August-September is another great event for those who want to see the real America, off the beaten track on some real dirt roads. “

“Moving into 2024 we have a number of great events ready for people to look at, the London to Lisbon and the Scandinavian Arctic Midnight Sun Rally, but then we are planning to return to Africa for the Classic Safari the following year.”

“Today at the NEC we announced the Pearl of India for February to March 2025, which will be a vibrant and exciting cultural adventure through India for 20 days. As our agent on the ground, Lokesh Bagga the Director of Operations for PureQuest Adventure, is with us to explain what is on offer, I will let him summarise a great experience in prospect;”

“Yes, I will be there on the ground with my team in India, if you ask me to compare, it is like pearls of India, it’s a string of pearls. Each destination, each location, each place where you travel itself is a pearl that is why I will call it string of pearls. And when we travel to any destination, there are two things, either we enjoy the journey between the two destinations, or it is all about the destination. But on this trip, there is third instalment this is the places, the palaces, the forts, where you stay. That is another experience you’re going to get when you’re travelling on this trip. It is an incredible India trip, which is going to offer you not only the places you visit but it is all about tigers and palaces, and it’s all about the colourful India, the food we offer, the colours of India we offer. The monuments and the forts and palaces where you stay where you’ve been treated like the Maharaja and Maharani are all there.”

Guy continued: “We have the Classic Marathon every two years, which is on event 2023 in Slovenia, Croatia, and Austria. We’re looking to go back and do the third version of the European Trilogy in 2025 as we got a really good response to mainland Greece on the recent Temple Rally, so we’re looking at doing something in Greece and Corfu.

“Then we have our yearly events, the staple events for us, The Flying Scotsman, RAC Rally of the Tests and LeJog, which is coming up in about three week’s time!”

“The training and one day events which brings people in who’ve not been in the sport before, such as HERO Challenges, Novice and Summer Trials, are all annual events on the calendar. So, people can go on to the website now, and see which events are open, all 2023 are, but otherwise for some of our longer-term events, crews can register their expressions of interest.”

“All the events that are in the calendar will have an ‘expression of interest’ tab on our website. So, if you click on that and register, you will get more information about those events. That information will be circulated and hopefully more will join us as a Premier Member, they will get the opportunity to enter those events before anybody else.”

Patrick Burke M.D. HERO-ERA Events Ltd

“It was great to be able to announce our three-year calendar today, especially given the scales of economy within the classic car industry. And of course, we are doing our best to contribute what we can to protect the planet and we offer our decarbonisation offsetting measure through NET-HERO, where you can actually offset your emissions both on and off event. Our platform is completely carbon neutral, all our events are carbon neutral as is all our company activity, it’s our responsibility, climate change is here, and we all need to address it.

“It was also pleasing to announce our new partner in the form of Goodwool, they are phenomenal products for what that they do as car shells. They are environmentally friendly, technologically advanced, sustainable, and versatile. We will have them on for sale at Hangar 136 one of our group companies, who offer bespoke car sales in the Historic car world.

“So, it’s a partnership that spans the product but also on event partnerships. So, it’s a wider partnership, which we really look forward to.”

Sebastiano Moschini CEO Goodwool;

“Goodwool is very sustainable, an environmentally friendly product.  I would like to repeat that we are phenomenal as Patrick said! Goodwool is an innovative startup, three years old, making car shells the way we call it, because they’re custom made and bespoke out of the best material.

“We come from the wool industry so our expertise and heritage comes from there. Definitely, we’re going to be certified as a product by the wool industry soon with an enviable environmental footprint, all in next year. This will be the only shell that has that. For sure merino wool is the most important part, it’s eco-friendly, and the nature of our business is really replicating the shape of the car and protecting it – protecting your passion, which we are able to do with any car, any model possible.”

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