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Europe's Leading Classic Car Hire Programme

Welcome to the HERO Arrive & Drive service. Not only do we hire some of the finest classic cars for Regularity rallying, but we also offer a premium package that will allow you to enjoy your rallying - and more - to the full. Whether you do not have a car or simply do not want to use your car or transport it to a HERO event, or just want to try something new, we can help. Since its inception, the Arrive & Drive fleet and service has grown substantially. The cars we hire have an enviable reputation for reliability, safety (through regular inspections), and meticulous maintenance and refurbishments plan that allows us to keep them in top specification.

You simply Arrive & Drive!

The Cars

Fleet Category

Fleet Category

Group One

The Arrive & Drive scheme allows you to compete should your car be unavailable or, if you are looking to purchase a similar model in the future it gives you the chance to get to know your prospective purchase. We have a wide and varied range of vehicles to suit everyone's taste.

Fleet Category

Group Two

Group 2 of the Arrive and Drive fleet is managed with an invitation only policy. Once you have hired twice from our group 1 cars, you will then become eligible to progress on to hire one of the vehicles from our group 2 fleet.

Fleet Category

Group Three

Group 3 of the Arrive and Drive fleet is open to everybody. Although these cars will be right at home on a variety of HERO events, this category is specifically designed for our long distance endurance specific vehicles.

Fleet Category


All the vehicles in this fleet are pre 1940 and are eligible for a range of events.