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Europe's Leading Classic Car Hire Programme

Welcome to the HERO Arrive & Drive service. Not only do we hire some of the finest classic cars for regularity rallying, but we also offer a premium package that will allow you to enjoy your rallying - and more - to the full. Whether you do not have a car or simply do not want to use your car or transport it to a HERO event, or just want to try something new, we can help. Since its inception five years ago, the Arrive & Drive fleet and service have grown substantially. The cars we hire have an enviable reputation for reliability, safety (through regular inspections), and a meticulous maintenance and refurbishments plan that allows us to keep them in top specification.

You simply Arrive & Drive!

Thank you for trusting me with the Porsche. I’ve had a soft spot for SWB 911s for as long as I can remember. The car was fabulous, beautifully prepped for this kind of event and clearly capable of coping with everything I could throw at it.

Andrew Frankel (took part in the 2016 RAC Rally of the Tests)

Classic Motoring Journalist

The Cars

Fleet Category

Group A


Group A, The most cost-effective way into the Arrive and drive Scheme.

Group B


With something for every classic car enthusiast, HERO Arrive & Drive is Europe's premier classic car hire facility.

Group C


Group C, From the ever popular Triumph TR4 to the beautiful and rare Lancia Fulvia Zagato, this group is packed full of classic motoring pleasure and performance

Group D


Group D, Some of our finest and most competitive cars

Group E


Group E, Our most exclusive and prestigious group of vehicles.

Group F


Group F, pre-1940 Aston Martins available through our HERO Partner: Ecurie Bertelli