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Our most competitive group which holds some of our finest vehicles. Our 1968 Porsche 911 won the Icelandic Saga at the hands of Daniel Gresly and Christian Prünte, the other vehicles in the group are equally as exciting and will always give you the edge over other competitors.

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Group D, Some of our finest and most competitive cars


Jaguar E-Type FHC – 1968

Enzo Ferrari described the Jaguar E-Type as "The most beautiful car ever made", from the legendary Maranello constructor, this was high praise indeed. This car has been re-built to a very high standard, the engine has been fully overhauled and to say the performance is stunning is a real understa...


Lancia Delta Integrale – 1990 (LHD)

Not yet eligible to run on HERO Events, this is a future classic and we believe it was the first 16V Integrale to be brought into the country - it was Lancia's press car to launch the 16V Integrale range. Turbocharged, four-wheel drive and amazing looks set this apart from the hot hatches of its...


MG A Roadster – 1958 (LHD)

Perfect for the more touring style of events, this MGA packs a real punch with a modified engine and gearbox that really lets it zip along. At first glance, the grey paintwork doesn't reveal the true beauty of the car - under good light a subtle metallic finish can be seen, it is truly stunning....


Porsche 911 – 1968

In April 2015 this Porsche 911 took top honours on the Icelandic Saga in the hands of Daniel Gresley and Christian Prunte. Later in the year it took a Bronze Medal and ninth overall on the arduous Le Jog event with Dave Bryan and Tony Brooks. Dave was so impressed with the car he immediately star...