London to Lisbon


The London to Lisbon Classic Reliability Trial attracts entrants from all four corners of the globe, the range of machinery is as exotic, vehicles up to 1987 are eligible to compete and have their own specific classes to battle for honours in.

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Event description

Intermediate difficulty

The event is primarily a reliability trial, the schedule is demanding, but listening to competitors on the 2013 event, we are building flexibility into the schedule to allow crews to socialise at the very special places we stay at. As we journey through the United Kingdom, France, Spain and into Portugal, the concept of driving tests interspersed with regularity sections will once again define the days-you can expect the most stunning scenery in Western Europe. We understand that many of the competitors use this as a holiday as well as a motoring adventure, we will explore mountain passes, forests and many of the other spectacular features as we head south.

The event is suitable for those who have competed on single & multi-day events, it is aimed at those with knowledge of both Tulip diagrams and map reading skills. Although there will be no night driving built into the route, some of the roads may have loose surfaces or be subject to variations in weather. However, this does not preclude first time entrants wishing to take part, as on all our events, the organising team are all competitors past or present and have a wealth of knowledge to assist you, should this be the event you wish to start your career in. This event is graded as Intermediate. The London-Lisboa also has a Classic Tour section for those who would like to share the atmosphere and surroundings, but prefer to undertake a more leisurely motoring experience.

Starting close to London at the world famous Brooklands Circuit and heading out via a regularity section or two and possibly a test, competitors will take a ferry to France where the competition will start in earnest. However, this event is designed to appeal to all levels of ability, just how competitive you wish the event to be is entirely up to you.

Navigation on the event is by an easy to follow tulip style road book, there will be no map plotting, however a map book is supplied to aid you, should it be required. Most days the route will total between 200-250 miles and include regularity sections and driving tests that will form the competitive element of the event. Should you wish to take part in the event but not be as competitive, you are welcomed to join us on the Tour section where the pace is a little more relaxed, allowing you to savour the scenery a little longer.As always on the London-Lisboa, the hotels and rest halts are of a superior quality, the days can be long but are always packed with roads and scenery that are truly breathtaking. The event will encompass four countries and take in roads in and around the Pyrenees, Picos de Europa and Duero Ranges on the way to the finish in Lisboa.

In 2013 the response along the route was magnificent, one competitor even being given a guard of honour into Portugal by a marching band, the finish in Lisboa was nothing short of magical with crowds in their hundreds turning out to greet the competitors. London-Lisbon is an endurance event, but it is suitable for all levels of ability, newcomer to expert. The roads used may well include snow and ice, but the timing of the event does coincide with the start of warmer weather meaning that most of the passes should be clear. The route is designed to include little or no night driving. For these reasons the event is given the Intermediate grading, but rest assured, newcomers are more than welcome to compete.

The information provided above is given as a guide and may be subject to change.

Navigation is with a tulip style road book. It will be in the same style as the last event, you will need a tripmeter (available here).

There will be some driving on mountain passes with the possibility of inclement weather at altitude, there may also be a small amount of driving in the dark. As such, this event is classified as INTERMEDIATE.

Crews who have competed on events with an average 9 hours driving per day.

Novices are very welcome, however, it would be advisable to compete on other events prior to this one


London to Lisbon 2017 map

Vehicle information

  • All cars will be eligible for overall awards.
  • The cars will be spilt into classes, based on age and cc. There will no differentiation between sports and saloon cars.
  • HERO continue to generally favour older cars and the route chosen has been planned around cars from the 1960’s but both older and newer cars will feel equally at home.
  • The scoring on the test sections is class based so you will be scoring against other similar aged cars.

What is included

  • Entry to the event for a crew of two people
  • Help from the most experienced team in historic rallying
  • Detailed “tulip” style roadbook with overview maps
  • Brief training session on the use of the roadbook and regularity rallying
  • Mechanical assistance available if required during the event
  • Bed and breakfast in a twin or double room (cabin on Saturday 22ndApril) from Saturday 22nd to Sunday 30th April (upgrade to single rooms available)
  • Ferry crossing from Portsmouth to St Malo
  • Evening Meals from Saturday 22nd to Sunday 30th April
  • Lunch and refreshment halts from Saturday 22nd to Sunday 30th April
  • Champagne Reception prior to Awards Dinner
  • Event regalia
  • Extensive awards list

Event schedule


Scrutineering and Documentation - Brooklands

Revel in the atmosphere and history as you prepare yourself for the event. You are on hallowed ground, Brooklands was the first purpose-built race circuit in the world.


Leg 1: Brooklands (London) to Portsmouth (United Kingdom)

A pleasant and not too early start from Brooklands. A test on the aptly names Test Hill will waken you. And from there onto the famous Surrey Banking and out to the public road. We leave London behind and delve into the Surrey and West Sussex countryside for the first of four regularities today. Coffee will be taken amongst William Medcalf’s Bentleys. One more regularity brings us to lunch at Wilton House near Salisbury in Wiltshire. A short test at Wilton House followed by two more regularities and we are at the Chairmakers Public House for a cup of tea before the short trip to the ferry in Portsmouth.


Leg 2: St Malo to Poitiers (France)

We arrive into Saint Malo on the overnight ferry and begin the day from a restart in the medieval walled town of Dinan. We have two enjoyable regularities in the beautiful Bretagne Countryside before a test. A petrol and coffee halt is followed by some cross-country driving which will take us to a further regularity and lead us to lunch in the beautiful Château du Cop Choux near the Loire River. The afternoon will continue a direct route for Poitiers, taking in another two regularities and a test whilst we traverse the 'Routes des Vins'. It will feel like a long day.


Leg 3: Poitiers to Montauban (France)

An early restart this morning at 08:15 to allow us to cover the distance through the heart of France. The morning will consist of four regularities in the Vienne before taking lunch in the beautiful village of Brantome. In the afternoon, we delve south through another 3 regularities into the Dordogne, where we will take coffee in Beynac. One more regularity before a long transit section south to Montauban.


Leg 4: Montauban to Boltaña (Spain)

After two days traversing the length of France, we enjoy a more leisurely start to the day, but an early regularity will keep you on your toes. A long transit section, broken only by taking coffee in the beautiful Château de Caumont then guides us nicely into the Pyrenees where we can enjoy 3 great climbs including the famous Col de Peyresourde before we transit down into Spain to our overnight halt in Boltaña. A nice relaxing day with some beautiful scenery.


Leg 5: Boltaña to Sto. Domingo de la Calzada (Spain)

A prompt start this morning leads us to three regularity sections and lunch (in Javier; a well-used London to Lisbon watering hole) in the Southern Pyrenees. This afternoon we face one regularity and a test before a pleasant drive in the famous Rioja vineyards, to finish in Sto. Domingo de la Calzada.


Leg 6: Sto. Domingo de la Calzada to León (Spain)

Another prompt restart this morning as we head toward the picturesque views of the Picos de Europa in Cantabria We have six regularities and a test today. The lovely views, especially of the lakes and dams and great driving roads this afternoon drop us out of the hills and into León. The scenery will stay with you for a long time to come.


Leg 7: León to Vidago (Portugal)

Today sees us travel into the fourth country of our journey - but we begin in the mountains of León where we will enjoy a couple of regularities and a popular test. Lunch will be served in the eclectic Hostelero Paladium A further four regularities will guide us into Portugal and to the overnight in Vidago where the days' challenges will be enjoyed in the surroundings of the Vidago Palace.


Leg 8: Saturday 29th April – Vidago to Caramulo (Portugal)

A long run out sees us venture towards Villa Real where the views on the approach are stunning and the motor sport heritage is evident. Late morning sees us enter the world-famous vineyards of Douro with lunch in the Quinta da Pacheca, on the banks of the Rio Douro.
The Beira Alta Mountains provide us with a further two regularities and more stunning views before the final test on the Caramulo Hillclimb.


Leg 9: Sunday 30th April – Caramulo to Cascais (Lisbon)

Leg 9: Sunday 30th April – Caramulo to Cascais (Lisbon)
The final day starts with an early test and two regularity sections before lunch and another test at Fatima. The final two regularities and a transport section over the breath-taking Serra de Montejunto are all that remain before the finish at Cascais.

Entry List

London - Lisbon Classic Rally 2017 - Entries in class order

1 . Category 1 - Cars of a type first produced before 31/12/1949
2 .
Class A - All cars
3 1 Bill Cleyndert (GBR) / Jacqui Norman (GBR) Bentley 3/4½ 5300 1925 1 A
4 2 Sue Shoosmith (GBR) / Trina Harley (GBR) Bentley 3/4½ 4398 1926 1 A
5 4 Claus Coester (CHE) / Tjorven Christine Schroeder (DEU) Bentley Special Sports 4250 1935 1 A
6 5 Benno Britschgi (CHE) / Nina Britshgi (CHE) AC March 16/80 Special (A&D) 1991 1938 1 A
7 6 Tim Riley (Eng) / Anne Riley (Sco) MG SA Tourer 2300 1938 1 A
8 7 Stuart Anderson (GBR) / Leigh Powley (GBR) Bentley Derby 4¼ 4250 1938 1 A
9 .
Category 2 - Cars of a type first produced between 1/1/1950 - 31/12/1961
10 .
Class A - Up to 2500cc

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