Congratulations to Steve and Julia Robertson on winning the 2017 Clubman section



23rd September 2017

Bicester - Oxfordshire

Now re-named as the HERO Challenge, the 2017 event will be based around the famous airfield near Bicester, Oxfordshire - but may include new and exciting venues building on the feedback received after last year's event. The Clubman category is ideal for those looking to step up from touring type events, newcomers to the sport or simply those who prefer tulip style navigation. The National B section is aimed at the more seasoned competitor or those who prefer traditional navigation methods, this section requires a National 'B' licence.

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The HERO Challenge with REIS Insurance in association with HERO Insurance Solutions

Event description

Intermediate difficulty

The HERO Challenge is totally different to many other traditional historic regularity rallies as it runs as a dual-permit event that allows two events to follow a very similar route – yet allows an approach that gives two very different styles of navigation and approach to be used.

National B Section: The HERO Challenge has formed a part of the HRCR Clubmans Championship throughout most of its existence, the formula of a series of centrally located driving tests interspersed with regularity sections has been appealing since its inception. The National B Section is aimed at crews with more experience or those who relish the challenge of traditional navigation skills and techniques. Entrants to this category will need a National ‘B’ competition licence.

Clubmans Section: For those who have limited time available or prefer an event where straight forward navigation is used the HERO Challenge is an ideal way to begin your adventure into historic regularity rallying. The HERO Challenge Clubman Section has been a firm favourite on the calendar since its inception in 2010 due to the straight – forward navigation and flowing driving tests, it is perfect for those who prefer tulip road book style navigation with some basic map reading.

Event Characteristics

Start date


Current entry fee


(Starting from)

Length of route

150 miles

(240 km)

Pre-event training


Approximate daily mileage

150 miles

(240 km)

Vehicle eligibility


(Cars built before this date)

Navigation type

Tulip for Clubman, Traditional for Nat B


Night sections


Expected Tests


Expected Regularities


HERO Cup coefficient


Clubman Section

Navigation is with a tulip style road book with some very straightforward map-based sections. You will need a tripmeter (available here).

There will be no night time driving or complex navigation
The timing will be easy so that the link sections are not too punishing and everyone has time for lunch, coffee & a chat

This event is suitable for those who are new to Regularity Rallying, those who have already done some events, seasoned competitors or crews wishing to shakedown their cars

National B Section

Navigation is via Ordnance Survey 1:50,000 Landranger series, this section is aimed at crews looking to progress into traditional map-based navigation which includes various styles of presentation that are found on HRCR championship events. The route may be slightly different to the Clubman section and crews may have to press-on a little more.

Vehicle Information

  • All cars will be eligible for overall awards.
  • The cars will be spilt into classes, based on age and cc.
  • The National B event will be based on crew’s experience.
  • HERO continue to generally favour older cars and the route chosen has been planned around cars from the 1960’s but both older and newer cars will feel equally at home.
  • The scoring on the test sections is class based so you will be scoring against other similar aged cars.

What is included

  • Entry to the event for a crew of two people
  • Help from the most experienced team in historic rallying
  • Detailed roadbook with plotting instructions and overview maps
  • Mechanical assistance available if required during the event
  • Lunch and dinner on Saturday 23rd September
  • Refreshment Halts
  • Extensive awards list


Entry list

National B

HERO Challenge 2017 - National B

1 1 Matt Warren (GBR) Andrew Pullan (GBR) Ford Escort 1991 1971 234M
2 2 John Abel (GBR) Martyn Taylor (GBR) Ford Escort 2000 1974 234M
3 3 Howard Warren (Eng) Iain Tullie (GBR) Porsche 911 Coupe 1991 1965 1M
4 4 Paul Crosby (GBR) Ali Procter (GBR) Porsche 911 2195 1969 234M
5 5 Simon Mellings (Eng) Ryan Pickering (GBR) Toyota MR2 1600 1985 234M
6 6 John Dignan (Eng) Peter Dignan (Eng) MG B Roadster 1850 1966 1M
7 7 James Griffiths (Eng) James Howell (Eng) Austin Mini 1275GT 1275 1972 234M
8 8 Richard Isherwood (Eng) Ian Canavan (Sco) Nissan Stanza Jubilee 1600 1985 234M
9 9 Andrew Buzzard (Eng) Robb Lyne (Eng) Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTV 1570 1967 1M
10 10 Keith Davis (Eng) Henry Carr (Eng) MG B GT 1798 1976 234M

Clubmans section

HERO Challenge 2017 - Clubman

1 61 Stuart Anderson (Eng) Emily Anderson (Eng) Bentley Derby 4¼ 4257 1937 1A
2 62 Dominic Anghileri (GBR) Tom Anghileri (GBR) Sunbeam-Talbot 90 MkII 2267 1952 1B
3 63 Tony Darwent (GBR) Jim Jackson (Eng) Austin-Healey BN1 100/4 2600 1954 1B
4 64 Earl Harvin (USA) Ian Wallace (GBR) MG Magnette ZA 1500 1955 1A
5 65 Steve Robertson (Eng) Julia Robertson (Eng) Triumph TR3 1991 1955 1B
6 66 Nicholas Harries (GBR) Catherine Cullen (GBR) Triumph TR3 2280 1957 1B
7 67 Oliver Chappatte (CHE) Joshua Chappatte (Eng) MG A 1800 1958 2B
8 68 Paul Murray (GBR) Mark Rodbert (GBR) Austin A35 948 1959 1A
9 69 John Fort (Eng) Howard Atkins (Eng) Porsche 356 1588 1959 1A
10 70 Tony Clark (GBR) Brian Neill (Sco) Volvo PV544 1800 1959 1B

Event Documentation

Equipment check-list

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