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From Summer Trial to Le Jog, HERO have something for every ability and experience level in historic regularity rallying. Add to this some of the most spectacular and awe-inspiring scenery throughout the whole of Europe along with hospitality to match and the reason why HERO is recognised as the leader in its field becomes clear.

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Classic Marathon

10th – 16th of June 2018

The Classic Marathon is a superb event for both driver and navigator. The majority of the route will be on Tarmac roa...

Hero Challenge

22nd September 2018

Welcome back to the HERO Challenge, the 2018 event will be based near Bicester, Oxfordshire - but may include new an...

HERO Fun Day

7th March 2018

Join us for a day driving and celebrating classic cars. A half-day driving a stage rally prepared Ford Escort on a gr...

HERO Training Days

25th of February 2018

From beginner to master, we're with you all the way

Icelandic Saga

September 2019

An adventure beyond compare, take in the other-world scenery and landscapes that are guaranteed to take your breath away

Lancaster Classic Motor Show

10th - 12th November 2017

The premier classic and restoration event in Europe, visited by over 70,000 people over the course of a weekend, HERO...

Le Jog

8th – 11th December 2018

Still considered by crews as one of the most demanding and challenging events in Europe and a definite to be ticked o...

London to Lisbon Classic Rally

The London to Lisbon Classic Reliability Trial attracts entrants from all four corners of the globe, the range of mac...

Poppy Regularity Rally

The compact Saturday & Sunday format of the Poppy Rally is ideal for those who struggle to find time for our usual we...

RAC Rally of The Tests

8th – 11th Nov 2018

From its inception in 1932, the RAC Rally has been at the pinnacle and forefront of motor sport worldwide, it has att...

Retro Classic Tour

24th February 2017

The Retro Classic Tour is perfect for anyone and any car! With easy to use tulip-style navigation and beautiful, scen...

Royal Automobile Club 1000 Mile Trial

Epsom to Chandlers Cross

The 2018 Royal Automobile Club 1000 Mile Trial will once again set the standard for all other pre-war motoring events...

Scottish Malts

16th - 20th April 2018

HERO Scottish Malts Classic Regularity Event is the premier classic car event in Scotland. 'The Malts' as it has beco...

Summer Trial

11th – 13th of May 2018

The HERO Summer Trial was established to encourage entries from people new to classic rallying or to appeal to those...

Three Legs of Mann

16th – 18th of March 2017

With over six hundred miles of roads shoe horned into a 33 miles long by 13 miles wide island, 40% of which is uninha...

Winter Challenge to Monte-Carlo

18th – 22nd February 2018

Welcome back! To the original, most authentic winter epic, the challenge of driving the worst roads in Europe in the...